Renato’s Macro Mishap, page 9

Renato's Macro Mishap, page 9Draw and everything by Yure16


Poor Yure he always seems to end up whit all this potty emergency :(

You can really feel his desperation that he is having in this drawing. He really needs to find a potty and that now.

Eevee`s Underwear Wetting Contest

underwear Wetting ContestDraw by ConejoBlanco


I dont think there mom is going to be so happy when she found out about this contest. I think it maybe be strait back to wearing diapers again for this Eevee`s.

Undies Check

Undies CheckHere is a pic of me of when I was five years old getting my cargo pants and undies checked by my daycare/afterschool caretaker Mamma Moo better known as Mamoo. I unfortunately had to be kept after school every day until I was in the fourth grade due to my dad having to work ’til 4:30 PM and my mom’s hair salon not closing until 6:00 PM. Unfortunately there was this one time after I had got pantsed, Mamoo saw what had happened and saw me crying, so she picks me up, and looks at the inside of my cargo pants and the inside of my Lightning Wolf undies to see if I had an accident, before she took me in. After she did so, she took me to the restroom, pulled my underwear down and sat me down on the toilet because she wanted me to use to potty while I had waited for my parents to come home. I didn’t have an accident and haven’t had one since I was three, I just got pantsed. After five minutes on the potty, I pulled my underwear and my cargo pants back up and Mamoo took me to the classroom where she started consoling me after calling my parents, and a few minutes later, my dad arrived to take me home and Mamoo explained everything to my dad. Sometimes being in afterschool care can be a nightmare.

Furrys in this drawing belongs to Sultz_Z._Wolf and tato.

Text by Sultz_Z._Wolf

Draw by tato


Poor boy looks like he got his underwear checked in a humiliated way :(

Poor Boy looks like Mamoo still decide to threat him like a little baby.

Babyfur Comic: o sonho da regra 63, página 19

Babyfur Comic: o sonho da regra 63, página 19Draw and everything by Yure16


Poor Yure it sure seems like he have ended up whit one weird and nasty dream here. Good thing it have ended.

Babyfur Comic: Mom knows best

Mom knows bestThere is no escape for these cubs who like to take cookies without permission!
And a machine very useful for parents and babysitters!

Isn’t that right, Lupus?*giggles*

I hope i get to keep my undies after this. i dont think they are dry anymore. *blushes* i wasn’t expecting any surprises when i grabbed those cookies. An hope i dont have to be padded though i know my bottoms rl sore now.

Lupus and text by masterlupus

Draw by Victor/nelson


Poor Lupus i hope he learn that it is not a good thing to steal cookies from the cookie jar when your mom own a machine like this. Your poor but sure starting to look pretty sore now.