Umbreons diaper butt

Umbreons diaper buttIf you flip it over, it looks like they’re unsettledly falling.

Draw and everything by rasile


Awww poor cute Umbreon it seems like he have ended up whit some sort of trouble here. But at least we got the chance to see his cute and padded diaper butt here :)

I sure wont to give this padded butt some nice pat and here all the crinkle sound :)

Umbreons bedwetting problems

Poor little Umbreon it seems like he is angry over that we have found out that he have trouble to keep his bed dry during his sleep. Nothing to worry about little one it sure was a accident.


GatomonDraw and everything by Spanking649


Poor Gatomon first he receive some massive tickling and when the machine is finish whit that. It moves one to spanking his butt until it has turn completely red from the massive spanking.

Looks like Umbreon that may have invented this special machine seems to like using it. Soon it seems like he have a new subject to test it on.

Littleazure Part 1 to 3

Littleazure Part 1Source:

This things is  easy to do when the diaper is dry and light.

Littleazure Part 2Source:

But when the diaper get wet and heavy it is harder to do stuff like this.

Littleazure Part 3Source:

When you diaper is both wet and messy the diaper is to heavy for you to do stuff like this and you fall down on your padded messy diaper butt.

This three drawings is made by Sir-Dancalot and the person who have order it is littleazure.