Tykables Jeans

Tykables Jeans#PantsAreEvil, but these are freaking cool! Tykables has created super stylish jeans that feature full leg/crotch snaps and a comfy elasticized waistband for a great fit. Additionally, the denim offers a gentle stretch – perfect for when you need that added flexibility when wearing double or triple adult baby diapers. Our jeans have been designed specifically for wearing adult diapers by adding a Waddle Gusset™ which is extra fabric right in the center of the inseam. This means wearing two diapers or just super thick diapers are no longer a problem. #WaddleOn and #RefuseToAdult

These high-quality, community first jeans compliment all body types and everyone that is a little at heart and in practice! Bundle these with our too-cool-for-school, but stealthy enough to wear anywhere, ActiveT and TuckedN and you will be padded in style all year long. If you do not wear diapers all the time check out our double lined Briefs and Training Briefs made from 100% Terry Cloth.

You can pre-order the product and see photos plus size info about this new jeans style on Tykables website.


This can be some good product to wear over your daytime diaper when you are out exploring the big world :)

Little Explorer Submarine Training Pants

Little Explorer Submarine Training Pants FrontLittle Explorer Submarine Training Pants Back

Express your inner Little Explorer! Training Briefs are designed with a distinct thickness but slim enough profile to go undetected. Similar in style to our standard Briefs, this version includes a fuller rise and thicker 100% terry cloth fabric. The fuller rise allows for the product to be worn alone or to be worn over a diaper as a comfortable cover to reduce noise should you so choose. The cool faux-functional fly adds to the look without compromising the doubled layered terry cloth design. Along the sides of our briefs has an extra seam designed to mimic disposable training pants while provided an extra layer of structure and support along the sides. With no detail overlooked we have even wrapped the elastic waistband with terry cloth to make these briefs ultra comfortable.

You can also choose from our printed Training Briefs or customize your own print!

Double, extra thick, layered 100% Terry Cloth
Preshrunk for dependable fit wash after wash.
Tag-free for itch-free comfort.
No Ride Up leg bands provide all day and night comfort, guaranteed.
Faux-functional fly.
Available in a convenient 3-pack or 5-pack

You find the site order and information on how you can pre-order the training pants on https://tykables.com/

Where you also can choice to order custom printed Training Pants.

Adult Baby Store Draws Protest In Mount Prospect Part 3

It looks like the discussion about the Tykables store that is located in Mount Prospect 20 miles northwest of Chicago have hit the The Washington Post now. You can even find an article in the NY Daily News that have a  news video  included in there article that i including below.


Wow this starting to be a kind of big news now when the big newspapers is start talking about this. This seems to be spreading around the US now. This is going to give the store owner and the brand Tykables allot of advertising.

Adult Baby Store Draws Protest In Mount Prospect Part 2

Looks like it was a news video attache to the news article that i mention in a blog post a couple of days ago. Wounder what its going to be about all this?

Adult Baby Store Draws Protest In Mount Prospect

Adult Baby Store Draws Protest In Mount Prospect

From the text in this article it sounds like the Tykables store in Chicago is having some big trouble whit the local residents that demeans that this store shuts down or move. Wounder what is going to happen or what the store owners responds to this sort of trouble is?