Diaper series part 1 dry – Justinmmiller23

Show off of the completely dry diaper soon to be filled up. I used to be Justin Miller on YouTube and I made several videos on there and now I am back for a series of videos. I also was pretty popular on nappyuw.

Video and text by Justinmmiller23

Looks like this diaper boy showing off his dry Tykables Overnights that soon is going to be put to some good use :)

Adult Baby Store Draws Protest In Mount Prospect Part 2

Looks like it was a news video attache to the news article that i mention in a blog post a couple of days ago. Wounder what its going to be about all this?

Mix Diaper review

A review of a couple of different diaper uploaded by The ultimate review channel

The following diaper is included in this review:

Snuggies Waddler

Tykables Overnights

ABU Space Diaper

DC Amor

Squishy Tykables Overnights


Source: roarkster.tumblr.com

Looks like this diaper boy decided to have a little squishy diaper play over the holidays last year in his wet Tykables Overnights diaper.