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Tykables Overnight V3

Tykables Overnights have been completely designed with the adult baby and diaper lover in mind on our thickest adult diaper platform. The Overnights are thick adult diapers that are both comfortable and functional enough to wear throughout the day while still being absorbent enough for overnight use.

The Overnights diaper features an all over design with fade when wet stars. The super soft plastic shell is strong, yet delicate to the touch to reduce irritation.

The Active Littles Grips are oversized and when combined with our extra durable landing zone they outperform all other adhesive tapes. Each fastener is over 1.5 inches tall and re-fastenable thanks to our Active Littles Grip hook and loop system. This new system allows, allowing for adjustments throughout the day if needed. With a large front and rear waistbands as well as extra tall standing leak guards you get extra comfort, security, and confidence.

You can place your order on the new improved version of the Tykables Overnights here.

Cute furry wearing Tykables Overnights

Cute furry wearing Tykables OvernightsDraw and everything by rugia1992

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/26435209/

Awww it seems like this cute little furry have ended up whit an accident in his/here Tykables Overnights diaper. Good thing it was there to handle it. But this sure is one cute blushing diaper wearing furry we have here and that diaper sure seems to fit all nice and good to :)

Diaper wearing furrys sure can be so cute :)

New Diapers Sooner Than Expected! – Tykables

Exacting news for everyone that is waiting on the new diapers from Tykables. They recently send out following e-mail about there new diapers.

New Diapers Sooner Than Expected! - Tykables

New Diapers Sooner Than Expected! - TykablesNew Diapers Sooner Than Expected! - Tykables
New Diapers Sooner Than Expected! - TykablesNew Diapers Sooner Than Expected! - Tykables

We are now being told that we have shipments arriving in the middle of March and throughout the rest of the month. This means our products are available the month before originally expected. We are super excited about this. We urge you to pre-order to make sure you don’t miss out on the first shipments.

You can place the order of the different diapers here: https://tykables.com/collections/diapers

The order is going to be shipped sometime this month.

Box full of presents!

Yes it is sure nice to come home to a box loaded whit some nice Tykables Overnight diaper :)

One soggy Tykables Overnights – LionBuckDad

This sure is one well used Tykables Overnights that have ended up whit. I sure it have start to leak or is close to leaking if he decide to use the diaper some more. But it sure is kind of nice to play around whit a diaper that soggy.

Tykables Overnights update Review – The ultimate review channel

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