Matt was very angry with Remi, because it was Remi’s  turn to wash   the dishes!

Matt:”What the hell are you doing sitting there,Remi?I went to the kitchen and  the dirty dishes are still there!Today is your turn! Did you forget?”

Remi:”Papa, I’m busy now!I’m watching my favorite show now,”the  teenage  ninja  pups”! Much later I’ll do the dishes!I  got  an  idea,papa,Sammy  or  maybe  your  silly boyfriend the  boss, can do the work for me!”

Matt without saying a word,carried up  his  son to his room  and  there, Matt pulled down Remi’s  diaper,and  spanked  him  hard until  his  bottom  was  red  and  sore!
Later, Matt grounded his son in his room, took the TV remote control and placed between his son’s  buttocks, as a reminder that… it’s best to obey than to disobey!^.^

Lineart by Victor/colors and story by: nelson88


I agree whit Matt that spanking is the right way to discipline this boy and you should always do the thing your parents tell you to do if you wont to avoid gating spanked like that. But one thing that i dont understand is way Matt placed the TV remote control between his son’s  buttocks? What sort of punishment can that be?