Tummy Rubs!

Tummy Rubs!

I could have done a diaper change or a bottle or something like that, but… truth be told, I haven’t found anything that gets a cub into littlespace faster than good old-fashioned tummy rubs.

The drawing is order by littlemonsterz and draw by airwolf1987

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/28259210/

Yes tummy rubbing sure can feels kind of good and sometimes make you feel little.

It feels special good if you dont feel so good.

Ricky needs to go on a diet

Ricky needs to go on a dietWell, pichuboy is feeling his big boy diapers a bit snug, thanks in no part to his Thanksgiving binge. Tsk tsk he should’ve not had all that apple pie…

Ricky pichuboy

Draw and text by pichu90

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/18378803/

Yes Ricky really need to start on a diet pretty soon or get some bigger diaper because the diaper he is wearing and use now is not going to fit him soon. I dont think the tape on the diaper can handle match more pressure.

From clean to messy

Tummy problem Have some big tummy problem. Fells like i going to messy my diaper soon very bad. But i trying to fight it and hope that i can hold it back forever. Do you think i can make it?

Messy diaperNow i standing here in a big messy diaper and i dont know what i am going to do about it. Maybe i should cry for mommy but i dont wont here to know about that i fail to keep my diaper all nice and clean. What should i do?

This two pitchers is draw by: shyanne

Sleeping on my tummy tonight by nelson88

Sleeping on my tummy tonight by nelson88

My poor bottom
I was kinda of naughty and now I have to sleep on my tummy
At least my parents are nice enough to leave my diaper off until it gets better. I hope my sheets don’t get wet :P

Artwork © nelson88

Character © Ronald_Mc_Coon

Please not this is not a drawing that i have made and the character is not me.

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/9199928/

Poor cub. It is hard to get a spanking but it is even harden to use the butt after a spanking. even if you have your diaper it is not going to be so soft to the red and sore bottom. I hope it going to fell match better in the morning. and i hope you dont wet your sheet. And if you do wet it i hope you dont get a spanking for it. Thats can be very bad for your bottom to get 2 big spanking in a row.