Roadtrip Blowout!

Roadtrip Blowout!

Out on the road and Ian really had to poop. The grownup said surely he can wait – he’s an older kid. Watching stop after stop go by, Ian’s tummy churned and growled until it wasn’t his tummy that hurt anymore, and finally he just couldn’t keep it in. After a little came out, he gave in to the need and lifted his legs up, pushing and not hold anything back. That’ll teach the grownups for thinking he could hold it for the rest of the journey!

The poor kitty and text belongs to Ian-Roberts

Draw by shingekiskunk

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At least he is not going to complain about that he needs to poop now. And it sure most feel kind of nice that his tummy have calm down now.

But now the grown up sure have allot of cleaning to do now.

Baby Maid Suit

Baby Maid Suit

Order by KhloePrower

Draw by ludisluteo

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Aww poor thing looks like he is heading for a rough time here and it seems like his tummy making allot of sound to :(

Poor thing thing his diaper sure going to be very messy now.



I had an accident *blush* >w<

The poor babyfur and text by LilPichu

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Awww poor thing look like you have ended up whit a tummy ache. Maybe thats way you ended up poppy your diaper. But it sure was a good thing it was there :)

I bet your mommy or daddy is going to make it all better soon :)

Babyfur Comic: Sparky´s messy awakening

Babyfur Comic: Sparky´s messy awakeningThe wolf sparkypup

Draw by ConejoBlanco

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Poor wolf it sure seems like he did one big mess in his diaper and is sure in need of a new clean diaper. But i sure bet it felt good in his tummy now after he put his diaper to some more good use :)

Babyfur Comic: Level Up! Page 2

Babyfur Comic: Level Up! Page 2and so begins the stages of leveling up! D:

The comic is order by FoxGuy75

Draw and text by Tropicana

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Yes it sure seems like someone is leveling up now. It seems like he grow at the same rate that he is using his diaper :)

Good thing the diaper was there during his level up. And he sure seems to be pretty tired after all the pushing.

Babyfur comic: Little Mishaps Page 1

Babyfur comic: Little Mishaps Page 1Considering how long the playdate already lasted, this was bound to happen to poor Starbuck eventually.

Furrys belongs to Starbuck and Heinrich!

Text by Starbuck

Draw by Tropicana

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Poor Starbuck it seems like someones tummy starting to make some special tummy sound. I think someone soon is going to be ending up whit a stinky messy diaper. It is kind of sad that this starting to happen now when they have so fun playing around in the playground. That sort of thing always kind of happen when you lest wont it.