‘Helping’ mommy at the Store

'Helping' mommy at the Store
Taking a toddler to the grocery store to ‘help’ you is really counter-productive.

Caiden and text by tugscarebear

Draw by Tato

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I think this is very nice thing that Caiden is doing helping his mother at the store. But from the look that she have on his face i am not sure that she is liking this.

Not Ready

Not ReadyThis is of Caiden getting his stinky Pull-up changed by his father. Mike isn’t happy that he still have to change his three-and-a-half year old’s poopy Pull-ups. Looks like Caiden is being demoted to diapers after this.

Caiden and text by tugscarebear

Draw by Tato

Source: //www.furaffinity.net/view/17788021/

Yes i can understand Mikes situation. It is not so match fun to handle a stinky situation and the smell can some time be pretty bad.

Before Church

Before ChurchHere we have Cheryl doing that mom thing where they use their spit to pat down our calics before they go to church.

Caiden and text by tugscarebear

Draw by Tato

Source: //www.furaffinity.net/view/17787954/

Looks like it is time for church today only hope that Caiden know how to behave today.

Day with Marisol and Milo Part 1

Day with Marisol and Milo Part 1The school year had started back up recently and that left Caiden at the house with his mother during the day. Most days that was no issue, but the day-to-day routine could get old so Cheryl decided to call her good friend Marisol and see if they all wanted to get together today for a playdate. Marisol had a little one of her own as well. His name was Milo and he is a little one and a half year old yellow bear cub. Caiden loves when he gets to play with Milo because he gets to play the big brother. Since Caiden is the ‘baby’ of the Smith household he never gets that responsibility of caring for the younger cub. Caiden loves to help playing, feeding, changing, and entertaining the little bear cub.

Needless to say, Caiden was really excited that he was going to go on a playdate with Milo. Since his brother had been away at school, Caiden has been playing by himself for the most part. Cheryl got the diaper bag ready to go and got Caiden dressed. Once they were loaded in the car, they headed off to meet Marisol and Milo at Mcdonalds for lunch. Once they arrived, Marisol and Milo were already sitting at one of the tables. Caiden ran up and greeted them both excitedly. Cheryl followed shortly behind and said hello to her good friend. Caiden and Cheryl sat in the booth while Marisol went to go get the food. Caiden was making funny faces and jabbering to Milo and making him laugh while they waited.

A short time later, Marisol arrived with the food and they began eating. While they were eating Marisol started talking to Caiden since she hasn’t seen him in a while. She asked about how he was doing, who his friends were, how big he was, etc. Then she started joking with the toddler when Caiden was being a little messy with his food.

“What does the cow say, Caiden?” joked Marisol expecting something like ‘Moo’ in reply.

“POOPY!” shouted Caiden loudly to the surprise of of everyone at the table and the restaurant.

“Caiden Alexander Smith!” said Cheryl sternly as she leaned in to lecture her son “You know better than to say words like that at the table. Do we need to have a talk in the bathroom?”

“No momma…” hushed Caiden as he realized that there would be little talking going down if they took a trip to the bathroom.

“Good boy.” replied Cheryl as she patted his head.

Marisol was trying to contain her laughter at Caiden’s comment while Milo was giggling his little head off.

The group finished eating without any other issues and they cleaned up and headed to Marisol’s house for tea and a playdate for the rest of the afternoon…

-End of part one

Caiden and text by tugscarebear

Marisol by Marisolbosques

Milo by Malymilo

Source: //www.furaffinity.net/view/17787814/

I really love the look that Caiden’s mother have on here face when here soon say the word POOPY out loud in the restaurant. This is not really the good place to shout out something like this when everyone is sitting down to have a nice meal. That is not the kind of word you wont to here then.

Change at the Park

Change at the ParkThis is a flashback to when Kyle was two years old. His father was off of work on that day and decided to give his wife a break by taking the young toddler to the park. They had a great time running around the park, climbing on the playground, swinging on the swings, and so on and so forth. Everything was going great until Kyle suddenly stopped and squatted down to relieve himself. Mike noticed and went to grab the pup to go and change him. The fun ended there for Mike as the only thing he disliked about watching his little bundle of joy was the poopy diapers. Mike reluctantly brought Kyle over to one of the picnic benches and proceeded to clean his son up while Kyle was just as happy as can be. After the deed was done, Mike set his son down and they went back to their daddy/son day.

Kyle and text by tugscarebear

Draw by Tato

Source: //www.furaffinity.net/view/17796432/

Yes i can understand Mike it is newer fun to change a messy diaper. It is all so stinky and messy around the diaper area so it take some time to get that part clean.

FSA Caiden

FSA CaidenHere was have a distressed Alastor spanking a confused Caiden. Alastor is distressed because she doesn’t like to punish little cubs, but when little cubs don’t listen and lie about stealing that candy bar from the store earlier it doesn’t give her much of a choice. Caiden’s confused because he didn’t think she would actually spank him.

Caiden and text by tugscarebear

Draw by okamishonen

Source: //www.furaffinity.net/view/17787725/

Poor Caiden it seems like he have ends up in some big trouble this time to whit a bare bottom over someones knee.