Spanked at Disneyland!

Spanked at Disneyland!Caiden and his father had arrived to Disneyland in the afternoon, after staying at the hotel, Caiden immediately wanted to go to the park!

Caiden:”Papa!Papa!Let’s go to the park!I want to see Mickey,Donald and all my favorites characters!Please!Please!Please!”

And his father said:”We’ll go later, I’m a little tired from the trip! Let get some rest for an hour and then we can go to any part of the park!”

But Caiden didn’t want to rest, and  he just started to make a big tantrum!

His father very quietly got out of the bed, took  little Caiden with his paws and placed  him face up on the bed!Then he removed Caiden’s diaper, lifted his little legs and began  slapping his bare bottom!

Then Caiden thought:
“I hope that Mickey Mouse isn’t watching me, because it would be very  embarrassing!Ouchie!”

Art by Nelson88 and story by Victor

Caiden: tugscarebear


Poor Caiden it cannot be so match fun to end up whit a spanked bottom at a place like Disneyland. But that is whats happen if you are a bad baby boy you always ends up whit spanked butt.

Sore Bottom

Sore BottomOnce again Caiden was in big trouble with his ​​dad! Maybe this time he took the cookies without his permission or maybe he did some mischief during the day!

But whatever thing you did, at the end of the day,the result will always be the same … you just got a red and sore little bottom!

Art by Nelson88

Wolf: tugscarebear


Yes a bad boy always end up whit red and sore little bottom bay the end of a day so they learn to behave like good cubs should do. But before that happens the cub is going to end up whit allot of a red and sore little bottoms. But i hope he learn soon how to behave right.

But you most agree this is a weary cute pose and he look kind of cute to.

The Swift (Mechanical) Hands of Justice

The Swift (Mechanical) Hands of Justice
The Swift (Mechanical) Hands of Justice.

After not eating his vegetables at dinner and not cleaning up his toys after he had been asked multiple times Caiden’s parents turned on the spanking  machine and it is  doing its job!Spanked again!Poor  little  cub!

Art by Nelson88.

Cub: tugscarebear.


It is maybe sad that this cub get a spanking. But if you dont do the thing your mommy and dad wont you to do. And you need to it your vegetables so you get all the vitamins that you need to grow up and stay all healthy.  If you dont do this things your parents ask you about you have earn to get a lot of spanking from the spanking machine. And i hope that you do the right thing the next time. It is dont so match fun or nice to walk around or sit down on a but that have receive that many spanking. It going to hurt allot and you going to feel that four many hours.

I really love the look that he have on his face it look so cute and it dont seems that he understand way he have earn to get this many spanking.

What do you think have the boy earn some time in the spanking machine for the bad thing he have done?

The sleepover

The  sleepoverSammy and Remi,  invited Foxy,Robert and Caiden, for a sleepover at their  house.

But Remi, had something more than just a sleepover!

He had read in the newspaper, about a contest where the winner was going to take as a prize, the most popular toy of all time: WATER GUNS 2000 .
All they have to do was take a photo of anyone with the more expressive face gesture.
Face  expressions such as fright, joy, crying, etc..

Remi’s  idea  was to  scare Matt with a spider( Matt is afraid of spiders!), and so that  way, they will  get the best photo for the contest!


Sammy:”All  set!”

Foxy:”Do you think we’re in big problems too?”

Caiden:”I don’t know … but something tells me, this  night we will sleep on  our  tummies!”

How will end this sleepover?

Guest  characters  invited:




Artwork  by  my  cousin  and  story/colors  by  me: nelson88


I think the sleepover is going to end whit a big spanking. Or maybe all cubs is going to be spank the same time whit some sort of spanking machine.