Tavi Munk train sleeper concept

Tavi Munk train sleeper conceptWas drawing out a design for my next footed sleeper. Planning on having this for MFM since the theme is about trains. I will say, I need to draw my for fursona more often. Helps me keep in touch with my little side.

Draw and everything by TaviMunk

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/19646374/

This is going to fit TaviMunk 100% he really love his trains.

Mikey’s earlier shinobi training

Mikey's earlier shinobi training
Mikey’s earlier shinobi training.

When Mikey got into becoming a shinobi it was quite difficult at first especially when it came to chakra control. every once in a while during his beginner’s training he would focus too hard on trying to control his chakra and it would soon remind him very well of his lack of potty training whenever he built up too much chakra for him to handle. Looks like his Sensei will have to get Mikey’s diaper bag.

Vulpix: mikey777

Draw by: kekolunarwolf

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/11492928/

Yes i can agree Mikey really need a diaper change right now. This was a weary big load that he make in his diaper. So i bet his mommy is happy that she decided to keep him in diapers. Should not be so fun to clean his pants if this big load ended up there instead of the diaper that he wearing.

I hope some one can change him soon so he dont end up whit a nasty diaper rash from wearing this weary messy diaper for a long time.


My new onesize whit Blue Baby Trains has arrive from Cosy n Dry

Pitchers on my new onesize that i have order from Cosy n Dry.

Blue Baby Trains Cosy n Dry 1 front

Blue Baby Trains Cosy n Dry 2 Back

The problem i have is it is little to small over my tommy. But i dont know gave me a good felling to and i dont know relay right now how is it to sleep whit. I know more then if it maybe is a good one any way. But it have the best fit around my neck on the onesize that i have. and the same is for crotch more closer fit on that part. And that can be bad or good when it come to the thick night diaper.

The good part is that you are going to see on the onesize that i have a thick diaper on.

The bad thing is that stainless steel snap fastening maybe dont going to work so good over the thick diaper.

If you wont some of you own you can find it here: And you can choice from more print that the print that i pick for me. Hope you find a print that you like.

The cotton that the use for the onesies is kind of soft but i think that the thing that ABDL PATAPOOM Clothes have is more closer to some relay nice baby cloths. That is kind of soft and special

So what do you think is this a good size for me or not? I can send it back but i dont wont to do that. It cost some money and take some time. fells more easy to order a new one instead. What should you do if you was me?