The Ropes

The RopesNew kid at the ‘daycare?’ Looks like someone’s going to have to show you around.

Don’t worry- I hear it’s more fun than you can imagine.

Draw by Jimmy_Rumshot

Dragon and caretaker Aaron8181

Wolf and text by toyapup


Aww it sure seems like Toya is so happy about the treatment that he is receiving from his new caretaker Aaron8181.

He sure seems to be blushing pretty much right now when he is receiving a diaper pat at the front of his diaper.


Training Day (Animated-Style) – Wallpaper Size

Training Day (Animated-Style) - Wallpaper SizeDraw and everything by Diegesis


Aww looks like it is time for this cute puppy’s training :)

Wounder what sort of cute training they are going to do? I bet its going to be some sheep training :)