Syrus Lying Down

Syrus Lying DownA quick little drawing I did tonight as a gift for Agumonofalchemy showing him lying down wearing only a diaper and just, well, being cute! I mean, it’s what Agumons do best, right?

Agumon belongs to Agumonofalchemy

Draw and text by warpwarp1929


Agumon sure seems to have pretty relaxing time and his thick diaper still seems to be dry. So we should have nothing to worry about that his diaper should end up leaking.

Nap time again

Nap time againPoor Bloo. He gets so excited and so bouncy that, after a while, he just sputters out and flops for a nap where ever he is. In the middle of legos, watching TV, pretty much anywhere.

The cute sleeping Kangaroo belongs to Bloo_Roo

Draw by SugarMable


Yes Bloo sure seems to be pretty sleepy. But it sure seems like he have a good nap time on the floor :) And i think his mother is going to move here sleeping cub to a more softer spot when she find him sleeping on the floor.

But i sure hope that he have some nice dreams :)

First day of…. Kindergarten?

First day of.... Kindergarten?
Today is the day! Today is the day Alex starts kindergarten! …or maybe not, with thick diapers like those maybe its a good idea to hold her back in daycare. Maybe next year she will be ready to start. Though I doubt Alex will be mastering potty training anytime soon.

Alex and text belongs to LilFluffyAlex

Draw by wen


Awww poor Alex wounder what is going to happen? Is she going to be allow to start the Kindergarten or is it back to the daycare for here? But i think some of the kids is going to give here a hard time for still needs to wear diapers? Poor thing looks like the parents is going to have some hard time decide here whats is going to happen whit here.

Don’t pick up every item you see!

Don't pick up every item you see!Not every item needs to be picked up. Except by puppies, who are naturally curious, so that must mean that I am indeed a puppy…

Dusk and above text belongs to DuskShadowBrony

Draw by CuddleHooves


Aww looks like its back to wear thick diapers again for this Pokemon.

Benny’s Diaper Mishap

Benny's Diaper Mishap

The Cow belongs to gamemaster19863

Draw by Diapered-buns


Poor Cow looks like he is standing there now whit a bare bottom :(

Poor thing he needs to waddling away to mummy so she could help him get the diaper back on so it dont happen any accidents.

Pushing a baby stroller

Pushing a baby stroller

Order by Hikadu25

Draw by Diapered-buns


To me it looks like it is the wrong baby that is doing the pushing of the baby stroller. But at lest she is trying :)

It sure looks pretty cute :)