Sleepy Time and Corner Time

Sleepy Time and Corner TimeThis just about sums up Caiden. 2/3 cute and cuddly, 1/3 spanking magnet.

Caiden and text by tugscarebear

Draw by Tato


Here we have three cute poses whit or favorite wolf Caiden :)


PAWS!!Draw and everything by Charry


Looks like this little cub have fun playing whit his paws before he decide to sleep. At least it look like he is ready for the bed :)

Look how happy he is when he is playing around :)

Tato hugs

Tato hugsColoring and order by NazzNikoNanuke

Line by Tato


Aww it sure looks like this two are good friend and it is always nice to receive and give away a hug. Look how happy this two are.

darn tail snaps…

darn tail snaps...thecharchar dressing up in a kigu of his evolved form… and having some wardrobe issues.

The cute fox thecharchar

Draw and text by emeritus_terciel


Aww poor little fox it seems like he have trouble whit the sleeper. It seems like he having a hard time to close the drop seat on his sleeper that should make it easier for someone to check or change his diaper if he need a new one. Maybe he should go and ask his mother or daddy for some help whit this?

What bed time?

what bed time?Draw and everything by Charry


Looks like this little cub have found something fun to watch on the TV and forgot it is way past his bedtime. It sure looks like the thing he is watching have make him very happy.

Baby Cinna

Baby CinnaSo have a baby picture of my cinnadog Colby. He seems embarrassed for some reason.

Draw and everything by Mizan


Yes i sure wounder what she is embarrassed about. Maybe it is over the thick diaper that she is wearing.