Counting sleepy sheepys

Counting sleepy sheepys (dry version)
This happy little baby most likely did not need to count sheep to be able to fall asleep safe and sound!

Sheep: TinyBabyHooves

Draw and text by Yookey

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Yes it sure looks like this baby sheep have fall asleep all safe and sound and from the look on the face i bet he have some nice and wonderful dreams to.

Counting sleepy sheepys (wet version)

Sheep: TinyBabyHooves

Draw by Yookey

Aww really looks like someone is a deep sleeper. Good thing he is wearing a diaper and i bet it is going to be even more wet during the night.

Hugging David

Hugging Davidjust anything fast and cute for show

Text, bunny and drawing by ConejoBlanco

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This two bunny’s look so happy together and it seems like the girl rabbit have a very nice and happy time now when she decide to hug David.

Hugging is one of the cutes thing you can do to show that you like someone.

Diaper Ad Fairy bun diapers

Diaper Ad Fairy bun diapersDraw and everything by ConejoBlanco


Sounds from the info from this ad about this diaper that it is a good one to wear special if you have big leaking problems.

Raichu Sized Diaper

Raichu SizedRicky wearing Raichu sized frilles, as evident on the packaging. He sure has gotten big X3

Ricky pichuboy

Draw and text by pichu90

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Yes Ricky really starting to look very chubby now and it is good that he have found some Raichu sized frilles diaper that he can wear now that really seems to fit his chubby body now. He really need to start cutting down on the food now.