Need more baby powder

Need more baby powderFoxys mother have recently put on some new diaper on Foxy but he quickly notes that his diaper did dent have the nice and cozy powder smell so he decided to add some more. But when he was on his way to do that his mother walk back in to his nursery and notes what he was about to do and started to scream: WAIT THATS NOT BABY POWDER that is your milk.

Do you think foxy was able to stop it in time?

Draw by ZombiNeko

Baby moos first Halloween

Baby moos first HalloweenEveryone’s favorite sissymoo, all dressed up for his first Halloween, is a bit dissappointed by the sudden pit-stop, having no idea why he had to stop getting free candy!

Bovines and text by Frozenpawpadz

Draw and Cow by tato


Poor little cub. Sometime it is hard to understand for a cub way the grownups always need to do the diaper change when it is so match fun that is going on. Can it not wait?

Grumpy Wake Up

Grumpy Wake Up
While Shade is a more docil of the Daemon Koopa species, he still has a little “grumpy” side to him. Never wake up a Daemon Koopa too early..even a little hatchling can cause some trouble -.-

Koopa and text by Shade_Koopa

Draw by Xepher777


Yes i agree Koopa dont looks so happy about that someone have decided to wake him up from the wonderful and nice sleep he had. wounder if he is going to do something bad now?

Change Me?

Change Me?Looks like I really need a diaper change and I am not to proud to pout for one.

Wolf and text by muarauder12

Draw by conejoblanco


I can understand how this little wolf feels it is newer so fun to go and ask someone if they can change your wet diaper. It can be a little embarrassing when you have hit a special age.

Too poofy

Too poofyFox: alexrian

Draw by rileykit


It is newer so fun to understand and relish that your diaper can be to thick and poofy to fit in your jammies.

What should he do now?

Lil Stinker

Lil StinkerSkunk: gus-the-hedgehog

Draw by Erin-Cloverfox


Poor little skunk it seems like he is going to be wearing a diaper for sometime now and he dont seems to happy about that he have had some accident in his diaper.

But the diaper that he is wearing is making him look so cute. I wont to give him allot of hugs.