Trevor-fox sissymouse setup

Trevor-fox sissymouse setuptalk about a full restart… He never expected the game to manifest on himself… it’s bad enough that he’s been stripped of control over his faculties and been turned into a mouse, but by did the game recognise him as a girl on top of it! despite the pink fur… he is still male… must be a glitch in the code…

Maybe there’s a way to fix this? poor mousie…

Mouse Trevor-fox

Draw and text by catmonkshiro


Poor mouse. It looks like it is back to the beginning for this furry.

Hope he found a way out of this mess before it is to late.

Cute baby bear

Look this is one cute happy teddy bear that is walking here whit his baby wagon :)

wounder what he is planing to do whit it.

Pikachu check out the pool for the first time

Pikachu check out the pool for the first timePiakchu was outside playing in the sandbox when his mother com bay and sad that she have something fun to show him. He take his mothers paw and start to waddling beside here whit his cute diaper butt moving from side to side. It is such a hot day today so i think you can play in the pool for a little wile.

It was then Pikachu notes some big new thing in front of the house. He point at it and sad can i really play in that thing? His mother smile at him and sad yes little sweetie it is going to be allot of fun. Wait here i need to get back in and bring out your bathing toys.

Pikachu look at the strange thing where he should suppose to play in. He get down to all four whit his diaper butt in the air and start looking at it little closer and wounder what sort of bathtub is this? It did dent look like anything he have seen inside the house. The bathtub in the bathroom was match bigger and this thing was smaller and something you could look straight through. Is this really something you can play in?

Draw by Veemonsito

Don’t. Break. My. Toys!

Don't. Break. My. Toys!Kyle is not very happy about Caiden playing with his favorite toy without his permission and breaking it. We’ll see if Kyle can get away with dishing out punishment to his brother.

Kyle, Caiden and text by tugscarebear

Draw by Natsu-cat


Poor Caiden it is never good to play whit your big brothers toys whiteout there permission and then accidentally break it. I can understand that Kyle is very upset about what his little brother have done to his favorite toy.

Just a Bit Closer…

Just a Bit Closer...There’s no way this can end poorly for Rose or Cadien.

Text and Caiden tugscarebear

Rose Glados1117

Art by Baltnwolf


This two little cubs sure going to be in big trouble when there parents found out that this two cubs have steal some cookie.

Caiden sure looks worry about this situation because he know whats going to happen if there parents found out about this.

No Naps… Please @n@

No Naps... Please @n@Finally colored something and shaded it too! It’s a kitty cat trying to skip nap time :3

At first it was gonna be a vent type thing, but that’s no fun, so it’s defiantly a kitty trying to look too cute for nap time, and not a sad kitty on the edge of crying that I removed the background from to make it less creepy and depressing or anything =P

Draw and everything by Erin-Cloverfox


Yes this kitty sure is making some bigeyes and hope it help him to skip nap time.

Do you think its going to help him? He sure looks very cute in this pose hugging his plushy teddy bearNo Naps... Please @n@ very close to his chest.