Forgot to change into swim diapers

Forgot to change into swim diapersFoxy was a happy cub today because today was the day Foxys mother took him to the bathhouse for the first time. Foxy was so happy to spending some time in the water so he forgot to change out from his favorite Pikachu diaper into his swim diaper. But the moment he realized that was he already in the water. So now he need to go up off the water to change wearing this super soggy diaper between his legs.

Some time cub can be a little too hasty when it comes to doing fun things.

Draw by Yookey

A Pretty Day at the Playground

A Pretty Day at the PlaygroundMama dressed Rex in his new skirtalls she designed herself and took him out to the playground with his padded little plushie, Todd. ^w^

Rex and everything else by ReXam-1


Wen you are going to spend some couple of hours in the playground it can be good if your plushy also is wearing some nice and comfy diaper. They maybe end up whit an accident to during your playtime outside.

Scampers Diapers

Scampers DiapersSo, been wanting to make my own diapers in my universe so here they are:

Scampers brand diapers.
~A style for every cub~

Draw and everything by BabyChrisTheFox


Aww this was a cute little diaper ad for this Scampers brand and it is nice that they use dinosaur print on the diaper.

A happy little cub :) Always nice to wear some cute diapers.

Rexam’s ABU Pride – Space

Rexam's ABU Pride - SpaceReXam-1 is proudly showing off his ABU space diaper

Rex ReXam-1

Draw and text by Yookey


Yes Rex sure looks like a happy little fox cub showing of and squish his cute ABU space diaper butt :)

Hypno Sissy Baby

Hypno Sissy Baby
How do you get a boy wolfie into diapers and a sissy dress? Hypnosis of course! Not that is was really needed as I am a sissy baby at heart, but it doesn’t hurt.

Wolf and text by muarauder12

Draw by markiliox


Yes hypnosis is something good to use if you wont your babyfur boy to be wearing some girls outfit. It’s pretty hard to say now that this is a boy and not a little girl.

Foxy in the Kiddie pool

Foxy in the Kiddie poolFoxy was exited today he is going to play in the pool for the first time this summer. After breakfast Foxys mother put him in his special swim diaper so he could be out playing in the pool. But Foxy have learn that if you going to go in the water you need to wear your special bathing equipment. What Foxy did dent remember was that you only need to wear this things when you are visiting the adult pool or the sea. So when Foxy jump in the pool all the water splash out.

So now Foxy is sitting in his kiddie pool and wounder way the water did dent wont to play whit him.

Draw by NazzNikoNanuke