Hungry Yookey

Hungry YookeyYookey’s happily drinking from her baba when Daddy sneaks up on her and takes a picture.

Draw and everything by Yookey


Looks like Yookey’s daddy get a good and cute photo opportunity here when this cute little baby girl drink from her bottle.

acepup really a roo

acepup really a rooAce pretending he’s a roo. and is adamant that his stylized denim diaper cover is really a storage pouch that all roos have.

and like all kids. when told different than you want to hear… pout :P

Rabbit: Acepup

Draw and text by catmonkshiro


Aww this is so cute. Yes diaper cover can be a good place to store the plush if you need to have your paws free for a second. Only hope it dont get wet from his diaper if it starting to leak a little.

Cerelan changing demo

Cerelan changing demo
Cerulean gets to demonstrate to the class how to change the pampers of their future cubs… and for this demonstration he uses a freshly AR’d Ace as his… ahem… “volunteer”

done for Cerulean_Aurion guest starring Acepup

Draw and text by catmonkshiro

Poor Ace it dont seems like he wont to be part of this blushing and embarrassing demonstration when Cerulean is going to show how a messy diaper get change.

He really look pretty mad right now.

Not Tired

Not TiredWhat happens when mummyand daddy tells you it’s time for bed, but you’re really not tired. Mummies and daddies can be so annoying.

Chip and text by TinyBabyHooves

Draw by Wen


Poor Chip he maybe dont think that he is tied but his eyes and body say something else. Poor sheep he can barely keep his eyes open now.

Bosky’s new favorite movie character!

Bosky's new favorite movie character!
Bosky’s gotta new hero – and his mommy and daddy got him a cool new costume so he can play Nick!

So nice to see positive foxy representation on the big screen! ^^

Nick an draw by Bosky


Bosky look kind of cool when he is waddling around in this outfit and the diaper fits good whit that shirt and slip.

This is one really cool pose :)