Thank you, Poofy-Shark

Thank you, Poofy-SharkShark: poofy-shark

Draw by Yookey


What a cute diaper drawing and it seems like we have found out something about this shark that he like donus. :)

Please Open Before Christmas

Please Open Before ChristmasFoxys mother and father have recently brought in the Christmas tree Foxy run to his mom and dad and ask if he could help decoret it. But they sad he was not old enough to help whit that. The gave Foxy a soft pats on his diaper butt and send him back to the nursery to play whit his toys. Foxy was kind of upset that he was not allowed to help them. During his walk back to his room he felt a family movment from his bowel so he stop and starting to pusch and soon he have made a big stinky in his diaper. Now was Foxy little more happy atlest he know how he could give his mother a stinky present in his diaper. Its going to be pretty messy co clean up when she is coming to check what he is doing and make him ready for bed time.

Draw by rexam-1

Lana the super potty rebel

Lana the super potty rebela common morning in the winter, and a common day for Lana, this time wants go potty in her night diaper just for annoys her parents :P

Lana landonbay

Draw and text by ConejoBlanco


Yes it sure looks like Lana parents is going to have a stinky messy diaper to change this morning.

Girl and boy lover

Girl and boy lover
David likes male and female stuff…

David, text and draw by ConejoBlanco


I think it is good that David like to play and use both male and female stuff. Nothing wrong about that :)

Portable potty for a rebel

Portable potty for a rebelAccording the owner says out of Screen, seems like he or she got tired of being cleaning Up the pet mess. :P

and well as you can see, the Eevee is doing her businees now in her new portable potty :3

So she is blushed because she dont like go potty in front of her owner lol

Draw and everything by ConejoBlanco


Poor little Eevee. Yes it is always kind of blushing to use the diaper when everyone is watching so it is kind of a blushing situation. But i bet she is going to get use to it in a couple of days.

CM Rumps

CM RumpsBaby Twilight, Applejack, and Radix are seen with their padded rumps.

Princess Twilight Sparkle & Applejack © Hasbro
Radix © radix

Drawing and text by ArtieCanvas


This is some super cute diaper butts that we have here. Only hope they know how to use the diaper the right way.

This is a very cute drawing :)