Kit Regression

Kit Regression
Yes, school picutes suck. But complainest thou not lest you wish to end up in diapers. Apparently. Or something.

Raccoon and text by kitcoon

Draw by toddlergirl

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Poor young adult raccoon it seems like it is back to thick comfy diapers and thumb sucking days during this school pictures time. Hope you dont need to relive your childhood now and start all over again.

But you look kind of happy sucking your thumb and playing whit your feet.

Baby Yoshi

Baby YoshiThe cute Shinx: shinxtailes

Draw by ForeRest

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Looks like this super cute Shinx have a nice playtime inside the playpen. This is one happy Pokemon :)

Potty Training Party

Potty Training PartyDraw by marcibadges

Order by Little2Roo

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Poor little Little2Roo it dont seems like he is ready to be a big kid now and start wearing big kids underwear instead of his thick and comfy diaper that little cubs wear. I can understand way he look so worry. I bet he is not sure that he wont to take this steps now to be a big kid. Using the potty is kind of scary.

CMC Sleepover

CMC SleepoverDraw and everything by Sylph_Space

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Looks like this three horse have a nice sleep time together. But it look like one of them have some scary dream. Poor little horse.


Footsies!Chris like to play with his little footsies because it’s so much fun, but sometimes he tends to get embarrassed when he’s being watched as he’s playing. X3

Chris and text by tripleccc

Draw by Zanten94

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Aww looks like cute little Chris have found something nice to chew and play whit. This is one super cute pose :)

Tobi Egg Collector

Tobi Egg CollectorYCH winner Tobiwan

Draw by Uhlric

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Looks like this cute little babyfur is out for some fun Easter egg hunt wearing nothing else then his thick and comfy Crinklz diaper :)