Cub in a Pinch

Cub in a PinchThis is carecub being rather mean to other cubs around him especially smaller ones but probably playful cause he doesnt know any better since he’s rather young. This might be the last time the little baby might see care like this or anyone for that matter for I might do a makeover for Care. o-o

Featuring. Yure16
Drawn By Yure16


Aww this was kind of a cute drawing.

Just Like Big Brother

Just Like Big BrotherThe Smith boys were having a fun and well behaved time playing outside in the hot Summer sun. It seemed as if both were outside for hours. Neither of them wanted to go inside, not even for a snack! Eventually nature caught up to Kyle and he needed to go potty. Luckily the Smith’s live behind a forest and his parents didn’t mind him reliving himself in the trees. Kyle quickly ran to the trees, dropped his pants to his knees, and let it go. Moment’s later he heard some rustling next to him and saw his little brother, Caiden, imitating him. That didn’t really annoy him since Caiden had been following him around all day already. What did annoy him was that Caiden was also peeing like him except Caiden didn’t pull his diaper down so he was flooding his diaper.

“Jus wike you big broter!” boasted Caiden proudly.

“Aw man….” groaned Kyle, “Now we gotta go inside so mommy can change your diaper.”

Furrys and text by tugscarebear

Draw by toddlergirl


Yes cubs love to imitate sometimes and it is kind of cute to see that Caiden try to imitate his brother on how to do things when you are outside and need to go potty.

Plushie Snuggles!

Plushie Snuggles!The cute crying tiger by BabyAJ

Draw by babystar


Aww poor little tiger it seems like something sad have happen. Good thing you have you cozy tiger plush to talk to during this sad and hard time.

Livestream 8/17/2016 – Fang Kanji

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A 2 hours and 35 min livestream of Fang Kanji when he is drawing.

Maybe too little for Pokemon Go

Maybe too little for Pokemon Go
Foxy have start to play Pokemon Go a couple of months ago but he have only reach level 5 where he choice to join team Valor.

But Foxy is more interesting to cuddling and play whit the Pokeball then to use it. Maybe he is still to little to play the game.

But at least he is a happy little cub.

Draw by ZombiNeko

Sleepy Car Ride

Sleepy Car Ride
Little babies always seem to fall asleep in the car. Maybe it is the vibrations of the road, or maybe it is the adorable Little Pawz car seat. Who knows?

Wolf and text by muarauder12

Draw by Circus-Stunts


Yes falling asleep during a car ride can be pretty easy it is not only something that happens to cubs. It can even happen adult sometime.