The sleepover

The sleepoverSammy and Remi, invited Foxy,Robert and Caiden, for a sleepover at their house.

But Remi, had something more than just a sleepover!

He had read in the newspaper, about a contest where the winner was going to take as a prize, the most popular toy of all time: WATER GUNS 2000 .
All they have to do was take a photo of anyone with the more expressive face gesture.
Face expressions such as fright, joy, crying, etc..

Remi’s idea was to scare Matt with a spider( Matt is afraid of spiders!), and so that way, they will get the best photo for the contest!


Sammy:”All set!”

Foxy:”Do you think we’re in big problems too?”

Caiden:”I don’t know … but something tells me, this night we will sleep on our tummies!”

How will end this sleepover?

Guest characters invited:

Foxy: //

Caiden: //

Robert //

Artwork by my cousin and story/colors by me: nelson88

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I think the sleepover is going to end whit a big spanking. Or maybe all cubs is going to be spank the same time whit some sort of spanking machine.