Diaperfur Comic: Big Kid Pants page 22

Diaperfur Comic: Big Kid Pants page 22
Music is Bonnie’s happy place. Until it gets interrupted by a message. Whats in the message? tune in next time!!

Draw and everything by cargoweasel

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/29243132/

Yes what is it whit this message ? I sure hope it have some fun and interesting news :)

I concur Plucky – babybedtimebear

Looks like this is not going to work ;)

Looks like its going to take allot of effort for Pluckys parents to potty train him.

Regressive Pie?

Regressive Pie?

Wait? Now you’re telling me I can’t even eat pie without worrying I’ll be regressed by it? So unfair. >////< Definitely glad I didn’t as much pie as Cez though. >///>

was good pie though

Furrys in this drawing belongs to BabyChrisTheFox and weaselhero53

Shadow by Lexxibun

Draw by catmonkshiro

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/28475884/

Giggle that weasel sure seems to be in hurry off using that diaper ;) Good thing his thick diaper seems to be able to handle his big messy load that the weasel release into it :)

He sure seems to enjoy using his diaper to :)

But the poor fox dont seems to like the situation as match like the thumb sucking weasel.

at least someone having a nice regressing time :)

Snuggling whit cubs – BlankiePlush

Looks like someone have a nice and snuggling time together whit some cubs :)



Dawwww… someone is resisting a nap!

The wolf belongs to FlintNightwolf

Draw and text by spiffyart

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/28330684/

Awww poor Wolf looks like he is not ready for his nap right now. He sure look cute in this pose showing his cute diaper butt and sucking on his thumb :)

I bet he soon is going to fall into sleep and keep sucking on his thumb and hope he is going to have some sweet dreams.

Babyfur Comic: The Summer Job Page 5

Babyfur Comic: The Summer Job Page 5Now for TV commercials! Acan and Vahn are to show off their new brand of diapers to the market. Vahn seems a little camera shy, but Acan is such a playful kitten he pounces on his friend and the two wrestle about in the play area. Demonstrating how their company’s seemingly thick diapers can still allow baby furs to move about so freely without restriction. Good show, little ones!

And so by the day’s end, all the former college kids have done their jobs well and are tuckered out. They’ve earned a good rest in their company’s daycare. Eva and Harpo looks on with pride and satisfaction as they go over contracts from buyers and investors.

Eva belongs to Lil-Ronnie and Cezmera
Clovis belongs to Cezmera
Daphne belongs to Rogey

Executive Producer: Cezmera

Artwork by Tato

Story by Lil-Ron

Source: https://www.deviantart.com/art/The-Summer-Job-Page-5-705021402

The test subject have sure earn themselves a good night sleep after all the product testing. I hope they are having some sweet and nice dreams.