Diaperfur Comic: Big Kid Pants page 16

Big Kid Pants page 16So the precise circumstances of Darcy’s arrival in the house a few months ago weren’t really known to the roomies and its an adjustment that he’s still making.

Draw and everything by cargoweasel

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/28850121/

Yes it still think Darcy is thinking about that girl that he lost because of his fetish. Poor thing i really hope he decide to talk whit his friends about this soon.



What is this strange thing between my legs? Way do mom say it is a diaper? What is a diaper? Way do i still stand when i wont to crawl?

It is hard to have this question in my head. who are i going to ask?

Maybe i should go and talk to my plushy. He knows allot of things that i dont know so i hope that he can help me to figure this out. Or maybe i should go and ask mom about this?

Draw by: xxxchaotickitty