Valentines Dance

Valentines DanceThe valentines is here weary soon and Foxy have come up whit a weary cute cub dance. The only thing you need to do is to have your paws straight forward and wiggle your diaper butt from side to side.

This dance is something that every cub can learn. :)

Draw by: Lucca

Thick diaper – 6 diapers – Video

This video is posted by: MrDl778

It really look like MrDl778 is wearing a weary thick diaper and that is not so strange when he have put on 6 diapers all the same time. Wounder how long time he had this diaper on? The first diaper most have been weary wet when he decide to tack it off.

Showing off my diaper butt And Can’t catch me!

Can't catch me!
Can’t catch me!

Somehow I doubt it Sparks…

Sparks: pichu90

Draw by: pichu90


Sorry Sparks but i think it is weary easy to catch you because i dont think you can run so fast whit that poofy diaper that you have on your bottom.  I bet you even have a hard time to walk right to and that you have a toddler walk witch is normal when you have that type of poofy and cute diaper bottom :)

Showing off my diaper butt
Showing off my diaper butt

pichuboy wants to show the world his cute little diapered behind X3.

Pichu: pichuboy

Draw by: pichu90


Yes pichuboy you have a weary cute diaper butt and i bet the hole world would like to pat it to and here the crinkle from it and maybe later the squishy sounds when it is wet.

Pichuboy Charging up

Pichuboy Charging up“Almost at full power, I can feel it”

Pichu and text by: Pichuboy

Draw by: tato

Yes it really look like Pichuboy try to focus all his power right now to something big. But wounder what it is that he is charing up for? Maybe he is practices so he can show something amazing to his friend tomorrow at the kindergarten? Or can this charing up have some other reason then that? Maybe we going to see the reason in the next drawing that Pichuboy is ordering from Tato? That should be something nice and fun if this is the case.

caught in the act

caught in the actYou know terry, this is the real reason we have to buy a new bag every couple days. You and your thickness cravings.

That expression though.

Terry: emeritus_terciel

Draw by: emeritus_terciel


Yes i can understand that they need to buy a new diaper bag every couple days. Special when Terry decide to put on multiply diaper so he get a weary thick diaper package between his legs. Wounder how match he need to spread his legs when he walks? That should be something nice to see how that work. I bet he get a toddler waddling walk and i even bet that this thick diaper release allot of sounds to when he walk.

I really love this pose and the close look on Terry’s thick diaper.