Taki Lost and found 4

Taki Lost and found 4fully skunked and still examining this mysterious bag she found, she ensures all the necessary things are inside…

Skunk by Taki

Draw and text by catmonkshiro

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/18162314/

Yes it seems like the diaper bag have everything you need when it comes to changing a use diaper and it seems like she is going to have some good use whit the item later when she decide to change the diaper that she is wearing right now.

John’s Regression Part 13 to 14

Story is written by abdl5622

Chapter 13

Now in a fresh diaper, I was feeling much better. We walked into the kitchen, where the fowl smell of my last diaper was still present in the air.

My mom opened the fridge and filled a bottle with the cold brown liquid.

“Here you go baby” she said while handing me the cool bottle.

I took it from her hands and began to walk back upstairs. Crinkle, my diaper cushioned me as I plopped down on the floor of my room and put the bottle in my mouth. I lay on my back looking blankly at the ceiling and as I sucked down the cool refreshing liquid, I thought about the events that had occurred earlier, “I still cannot believe that not once, but twice I have filled my diapers. Why could I not hold it for a short twenty minutes? How hard could that be for someone of my age? Though, somehow I feel that it was not entirely my fault, the high chair got stuck. Does it really matter that I messed my diaper? Mom did say that it was an accident and it was okay to fill my diapers, she even encouraged it. It was not that bad of a feeling. Once I mushed it around and got comfortable, it was not unbearable. Thought the smell was awful” Hisssss, the front of my diaper began to grow warmer and expand interrupting my train of though. The liquid flowed past my crotch and straight to my rear due to the position I was in. I finished the bottle with a loud Burrpp. “That was enjoyable” I thought as I grabbed my nice pacifier put it in my mouth and began to suck on it. I rolled over onto my stomach with a squish from my crotch pushing against the sodden diaper, and began to crawl to my toys. “I can only imagine how I look right now” I thought as I giggled and went to go play with my blocks and fire engine.

Ding Dong, the sound of the doorbell startled me out of my play. “I wonder who that could be?” I thought as I got up and waddled to see who it was when my mom answered it.

“Please sign here miss”

“Sure thing”

“Thank you, these two are both fairly heavy, while that one is not to bad. Be careful”

“Will do” my mom replied as the delivery man left.

“So, what did you get in the mail mom?” My mom jumped at the sound of my voice.

“Oh, you startled me baby” my mom said in a surprised voice while catching her breath.

“Remember earlier how I was saying that my back was having issues with bending over to change you”

“Ya” I replied now having a guilty feeling in my stomach.

“This will help with that a lot” she said while opening the door wider so I could see the large cardboard box that she was gesturing toward.

“Wow that is a big box mom, do you need any help with it?”

“As a matter of fact, that would be very nice sweety. If you could help get both of the large boxes up to my room that would be great” she said in a loving tone as she moved to one end of the box.

I squatted, sticking my warm diapered behind out and grabbed the other end and lifted. We carried it up to my moms room.

“We will get the other box later” she said panting.

“Sounds like a plan”

“You want to go watch some TV while I set this up?”

“Sure” I said as I walked down the stairs and lay on the couch. I turned on my new favorite show Sesame Street and relaxed. My eye lids along with my diaper began to get heavier and heavier until I was out.

“John, baby, it is almost time for dinner” my mom said as she gently nudged me awake.

“You could use a change” she said noticing the sodden state of my warm moist diaper.

“But first can you help me with the other box”

“Sure thing” I said with a yawn.

I got up and began to sort of waddle toward the front door, with my sagging diapers sloshing from side to side. I squatted like before and was ready to lift.

“This one is a bit heavier so be careful. Ready, lift” she said.

I began to pull up and grunted as I lifted the box when suddenly, Blart, I let out short fart and then plop, I felt a small warm sticky pebble land in the seat of my already sagging diaper. “Did I just… I need to focus on moving this right now” I thought as we moved the box into my moms room and set it down.

“Where is the other box?” I said, still feeling the small now cooling pebble in my rear.

“I set it up in your room. It would be easier in the mornings and evenings”

“What is this box for then?” I said as the mild stench of what had landed in my diaper reached my nose.

“Smells like someone could use a change” she said sniffing the air as she went around to my back and pulled open the waistband of my pampers.

I blushed and began to say, “I don’t know what happened, I was just lifting…”

“It is fine baby, lets get you changed” We then proceeded up to my room when I saw it.

“Mom is that a baby changing table? Like in a nursery?” I said in shock.

“Well it is a bit bigger than those. It is not for babies. It is just so I can change you with more ease” she said with a chuckle as she began to lift me by my arms and with a squash as the small pebble became a small pancake, she sat me on the cold plastic covered cushion. As I began to lay down, my mom put my pacifier in my mouth and began to change me.

Chapter 14

My mom was humming happily with a large comforting smile on her face as she ripped the tapes off.

“Thank you again baby for helping me move those boxes”

I took out my pacifier and said “No problem, what was the other box for?” I said recalling the box from earlier, while she began wiping off the mush from my rear.

Ignoring my question, she replied with her own question, “Do you want to go to the park tomorrow? I don’t have much work to do”

“That does sound better then sitting around in a wet diaper all day. But, people could see me, normally at a place like the zoo or mall I would not be recognized because of the large amount of people. But at a local park, someone from school could see me dressed like a toddler in a wet diaper. I don’t know if I could do that… but a day at the park would be fun and would get me out of the house” I thought as my mother began applying cream.

“While your thinking about that, there is one other thing” she said semi nervously as she reached for a fresh diaper.

“You have been going through a lot of pampers, and I have been having to change you very frequently” she said as I got a glimpse at the large, white, new diaper.

“Pampers were not designed for someone your age. I thought since the local store did not have any in your size that there were not any. However, after some research online, I stumbled upon these” she continued as she unfolded the diaper. It was massive, much bigger than the pampers I had been wearing.

“This should not leak and should last you more than one wetting” she said as she put it under my rear. She finished taping it up and I sat up.

“This is so thick” I thought as I looked down at the front of my diaper.

“I am going to miss you Elmo” I thought as the shiny blank white face of my diaper stared back at me.

“Another plus, I do not have to double diaper you” my mom added as she helped me down.

Crinkle, I attempted to squeeze my legs together, but with no luck, the diaper was simply to thick. This diaper had to have been half an inch thick.

“Well, how are they?” my mom said with a slight chuckle after noticing my awkward standing position.

“They are a little thick”

“Well they are designed for bigger people and the larger amount of water they drink. Now, lets get you into your pajamas while I go get dinner started”

“But it is so early”

“Yes, but wouldn’t you be more comfortable in your nice soft and cozy pajamas?”

“I can’t argue with that” I said as she got out my blue footed sleeper.

She helped me into the soft fuzzy sleeper and zipped up the back. The warmth encased me like a plush blanket. I waddled downstairs like a sumo wrestler and went to get on the couch and watch TV while my mom cooked dinner.

I could not really focus on the TV though, I was to interested in the new diaper that I had on.

Crinkle, I gave it a poke.

“This is definitely going to stand out” I thought as I looked at the cleared outline of the bulge.

“Then again, what do I care” I thought.

“Dinner is ready baby” My mom said with a smile.

“I’ll be right there mom” I replied with a smile as I waddled into the kitchen.

Dinner was fairly uneventful until, Hissss, I could feel my crotch becoming warmer, an all to familiar feeling. But instead of pooling around my rear, the warm liquid was quickly absorbed by the padding in the crotch of the thick white diaper. It bulged out further, causing my legs to spread apart even more.

“Well at least they won’t leak” I thought while finishing my plate. I stood up, wobbled a bit from the huge mass of fluff and urine between my legs, and waddled over to the couch. I stared down at the bulging white mass between my legs, “I wonder how much this could hold?” I thought as I turned on the TV. Soon, I began to get tired again and before I knew it, I was fast asleep.

Story is written by abdl5622

Back in diapers for Milo

Back in diapers for Milorathalos1 being a sweet little boy for Momma Wen.

Milo by rathalos1

Draw and text by Wen

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/18152152/

Poor Milo it looks like he is not ready to be wearing some big boy pants yet and his mother is forced to put him back into some nice and thick diapers again. So i can understand that he is blushing about this. But he have noting to worry about his mother have see him naked allot of times before ;)

John’s Regression Part 11 to 12

The story is written by abdl5622

Chapter 11

We walked through the crowd of people. “It feels so nice to have a dry diaper on, it is not clammy or cold. Just a nice soft thick pair of underwear” I thought to myself as we approached the food court.

“What do you want from the hot dog place?”
“Cheese dog and cheese fries”

My mom the went to order the food and we then went to go find a table.

“How are you liking the mall?”

“It is alright. I am not a fan of crowds”

“Oh, whenever you are scared just remember that I am right by your side”

“Thanks mom” I said as I sat down with a crinkle and we began to eat but before we did my mom put a napkin in the neck of my shirt, similar to a bib.

“This is so you wont make such a mess of yourself”

“Seems fair” I said while grabbing my food as I began to eat. “Yum, I love cheese” I thought as I consumed the hot, dog and fries, getting it all over myself in the process.

“That was good thanks mom” I said as I licked my fingers.

“It looks like you got more on you then in you” she said as she began cleaning my face off.

We both laughed as she finished cleaning me up.

“Now to the pharmacy”

We pushed through the crowds of people until we reached the CVS. My mom grabbed a cart and we went straight for the diaper isle.

“See baby, lots of people have similar issues to you” she said while pointing at the adult diaper area.

We then arrived at the baby diaper area. “I still cannot believe I fit into these. I mean they were designed for babies” I thought as my mom looked through the different packages.

“Hmm… ah there are pampers size 6, hmm.. there are some little swimmers here to. I guess it couldn’t hurt to have both” she said as she put two large packages of pampers and a small pack of little swimmers in the cart. She also got some more baby powder, cream and wipes.

“I need a few more things while we are here” she said while heading over to the stomach issue isle. She soon came back with a couple small boxes of medication.

“All ready to go” she said as we went to pay and left the store.

We began walking to the exit, and as we did I felt a familiar warm stream hitting the front of my diaper and traveling down between my legs. “Well the dryness was nice while it lasted” I thought to myself as we arrived at the car and loaded it up and left for home.

When we arrived I was a little tired but I would be fine.

“Do you want a little snack baby?” she asked. I was a little hungry, so I said

“Sure” She then handed me a peeled banana which I happily ate.

“You want to go nap for a bit baby? You really enjoyed it yesterday”

“I am feeling more tired than before. Perhaps another nap would be good” I thought.

“Sounds like a plan” I said as I went upstairs and got into my sheets. I put my thumb in my mouth and closed my eyes.

I awoke to a strange feeling in my mouth. Instead of my thumb, I was sucking on a rubbery bulb. I popped it out of my mouth.

“Is this a…”

“Pacifier” my mom said from behind me.

“I noticed that you usually suck your dirty thumb when you sleep. Think of all the germs on it and where it has been. So, I thought that it might be nicer to suck on a clean pacifier”

I thought about it for a second, “A pacifier… really… well it is nicer than sucking on my thumb. But, still it is a pacifier. Wait why would a pacifier be the solution?” I thought.

“I don’t know”

“It would put my mind at ease if you used it instead of your dirty thumb”

“Only for you mom”

“Thanks baby. Now how about some cheesy rice?”

“Sounds good”

We sat down for dinner and ate.

“I really should put a bib on you” she said in a joking voice while noticing the mess I was making.

“Maybe you should feed me while you’re at it” I joked back.

“Maybe I should” she said with a grin on her face.

We finished up and as usual my diaper was soaked by the end of dinner.

“Lets get you changed and into your pajamas”

I followed her upstairs and got changed into a nice thick dry pair of diapers. The soft mass between my legs felt normal now. Like it belonged there. I then got into my sleeper and went up to my bedroom.

“Maybe you should go to be early tonight. You have been getting tired during the day a lot”

“Maybe I would not need a nap then” I thought.


“I will be up in a second to tuck you in”

I got into bed and my mom followed. She carefully tucked me in and gave me my fuzzy friend. She then pulled out the pacifier and looked at me for approval. I thought about it for a second and eventually gave in. I nodded and opened my mouth to have it filled with the rubber of the pacifier. My mom smiled and gave me a loving kiss on the head.

“Goodnight baby” she said as she left the door cracked open. I began to suck on the pacifier. “I could get use to this. I wonder if anything else that babies do would be fun? I mean diapers are not so bad and the pacifier is nice. I could grow to enjoy being a baby” I thought to myself as I drifted off into a deep restful sleep while happily sucking on my new pacifier.

Chapter 12


I was jerked awake to the loud crackle of lightning. A pool of urine formed between my leg gatherers before slowly being absorbed. I looked at the clock, it was morning. “I hate rain.” I thought while happily sucking on my pacifier. “I am enjoying the pacifier though. Speaking of which, where did she get a pacifier? It does not matter I guess” I thought as I went downstairs to greet my mom.

“How is the pacifier?” she asked noticing it was still in my mouth.

Embarrassed I popped it out of my mouth and sheepishly said “It is nice”

She smiled and replied “You can suck on your pacifier all you want. It is not hurting anyone”


“Sure” I said as I sat down with a slosh and ate some eggs.

“Any plans for today baby?”

“Hmm… not really. Maybe watch some TV and play some games. How about you?”

“Probably just going to do some work in my office” she said as we both finished out plates.

I went upstairs and sat down with a slosh as she untaped my diaper.

“Shower first?”

“Yeah” I said as I got up to take a shower. First, I would attend to my usual business. However, I guess I did not have to go. I felt kinda full, but nothing would come out. “Odd, I usually always have to go at this time? Well I don’t feel like I did on Saturday so I guess I just don’t have to go today” I thought to myself as I got in the hot shower. “I love a nice hot shower. It is so relaxing” I thought as I dried off. I went to grab some of my new clothing that we had bought the other day. “I don’t know the last time I opened that drawer” I thought as I looked at my underwear drawer. I then went back to my mom’s room to get a fresh soft diaper.

“You forgot this downstairs” my mom said smiling while holding up the pacifier.

I blushed and got down on the mat.

“It would sure be easier to change you if I did not have to bend over like this”

“How did you manage it when I was younger?”

“You were raised up on a changing table. Come to think of it. It would make things a lot easier if we had one”

“You wouldn’t mind right?”

“Of course not. Where are we going to find one that can fit me?”

“I will look and see” my mom said while taping up the diapers and popping the pacifier in my mouth. I instinctively began to suck on it happily.

“Since it is such a rainy day, how about watching some TV with me?”

Excited, I nodded and we went downstairs.

“Let’s see what is on” my mom said flipping through the channels while I was happily sucking on my pacifier. I shook her arm gently when she flipped on Sesame Street.

“Alright. First I am going to get some drinks for us” she said as she went into the kitchen.

I lay on the couch happily in just a t-shirt and diaper, sucking on a pacifier. When my mom came back in and I looked to see what she brought in.

I spit out my pacifier and asked “Is that a bottle?”

“Oh well… Yes it is, so you do not spill while laying on the couch. Also, since you were enjoying your pacifier so much, I thought that you might enjoy this” she said nervously.

“I do enjoy my pacifier. But this is a baby bottle. Though I am pretty much a baby at this point so why not. I have enjoyed mostly everything being a baby has to offer. So, I might enjoy this” I thought to myself as I smiled and took the bottle from her hand.

“It is a great idea mom, thank you”

That made her very happy and she squeezed me between her arms and said “I love you”

“I love you too mommy”

With that she left the room to work in her office and I just lie their. I put the rubber nipple in my mouth

and began to suck. “This is nice” I thought as the warm milk entered my mouth. “This tastes kind of funny, maybe it is just the bottle” I thought as I happily sucked and watched Elmo’s face on the screen and a more yellow Elmo’s face on the front of my diaper.

I watched TV for about an hour before my stomach began feeling odd and making noises.

“What did I eat?” I said with a burp.

“It does not feel like anything other than gas though” I thought as I let out a fart.

After another hour and some more farts and burps, I could smell oatmeal and could feel that I would need to find a bathroom in a bit.

“Lunch is ready baby”

Popping out my pacifier, “Awesome”

I waddled in with my wet diaper between my legs when I saw it.

“Um… mom”

“Yes baby”

“Is that a…”

“Be careful what you wish for” she said with a chuckle.

In front of me stood a large wooden high chair.

“Dang I knew this would come back to bite me” I thought.

“A high chair” my mom finished.

“Remember last night when you said I should feed you”

“I thought you were kidding”

“Come on and play along. It would be fun. You have enjoyed the bottle and pacifier right?”

“Yeah, but this is another level”


Letting out a deep sigh I gave in and said “Only for you” with a defeated tone and then hearing a rumble in my stomach.

“Before we eat, can I go to the bathroom?”

“You are wearing it, and from the looks of it you already did go” she replied noticing the moderately wet state of my diaper.

“I do not have to pee” I said sheepishly.

“You know you can use your diapers for that if you want. Diapers were designed for that. If you want to fully use them, I do not mind, go right ahead”

“Thanks for the offer. But I would rather use the toilet”

“Are you sure? It would make things easier. You would not have to stop what you are doing to use the bathroom. You could play all day to your hearts content”

“Tempting as that sounds, I think I will still use a toilet for this”

“Okay, first how about we eat so that the food does not get cold. You can hold it until then right?”

“I suppose” I said being unsure of my answer as my stomach rumbled again.

She then gently picked me up and sat me with a slight squish onto the dark oak wood high chair.

“That’s a good baby” she said while putting the tray down and then securing the high chair with a click.

“What was that sound?” I thought as my mom put a bowl of oatmeal in front of me. I could not see my crotch or what clicked due to the tray.

“Now who is a hungry baby” she said while putting a bib on me.

“Where did she get a bib? Or the high chair for that matter?” I thought. I began to say something when my said “Here comes the plane” as she put a slab of oatmeal in my mouth.

“This is not that bad” I thought as she put another spoonful into my mouth. Though now I could feel the pressure building in my bowels becoming almost painful. “Maybe mom is right, it would be nice to not have to worry or deal with the pain” I thought as I swallowed another spoonful of oatmeal. Blarrrt, I let out a long fart that was muted by my thick pampers.

“I hope she did not hear that” I worryingly thought to myself as my mom just smiled. “At the same time, I would prefer to not sit in a pile of my own filth. Though, it was not so bad. Traumatizing, but sort of nice. But, completely disgusting. I will not mess my diapers” I thought as I made up my mind and took the last bite of oatmeal.

“Since you were so nice for humoring me, you can have some ice cream for desert” my mom said.

“Awesome, but first can you let me down and take off this diaper so I can go use the bathroom. It is becoming very urgent” I said in a certain degree of distress.

“Okay, baby” she said as she went down to release the latch.

“Hmm… it is stuck. I will have to get a screwdriver or something to get that open. I will be right back” she said as she left the room.

“Please hurry” I said, now becoming more desperate.

I could feel my bowels begin to move.

“I don’t know how much longer I can wait”

“You can always just relax and use your diapers” my mom said from the other room.

“Think of how much less stressful this would be for the both of us”

“Found the screwdriver”

“Please hurry. I am about the explode” I said in desperation

She soon came back in holding a flat head screwdriver. I was kicking my legs around at this point in desperation.

“It’s alright, everything is fine. I am here now just relax” my mother soothed.

I calmed down a bit and felt safe as she got down at my crotch and began to fiddle with the latch. I became relaxed, perhaps too relaxed because then all of the sudden, Blarrrrt. I was cutoff by a loud wet fart. “I cannot believe this is happening again” I thought as a tear began to form in my eye while I struggle to hold it. My mother noticing this stood up after being unsuccessful in trying to fix the latch.

“It’s okay baby, just relax and let it all out” she said while wiping the tear from my eye.

She wrapped her arms gently around me and I buried my head into her chest. Then I just let it happen. “Maybe I am a baby, mommy” I thought as I lifted my bum up as high as I could, which was only about half an inch, and began to grunt. I could feel the very solid mass begin to exit my rear. Pushing my butt cheeks wide apart, the log encountered the seat of the diaper and pushed against it causing it to tent out. Crackle, crackle, crackle, my diaper continued to expand until the log encountered the hard wood of the high chair.

Now it was stuck having no where else to go. I pushed and pushed tightening my grip on my mother as she gently stroked my head, my face was red from the grunting until the sticky warm log began to mushroom slightly and slid past to my crotch. Crinnkkle… Thump, the first log came to its resting place. I let out a nice sigh of relief but more was coming. I took in another deep breath and pushed. Plop, plop, plop, small firm little balls of mush started exiting my rear into the waiting confines of my diaper. Crinkle, my diaper continued to expand and pushed the warm load back into my rear and down into my crotch. Crinkle, plop, crinkle, plop. It felt like large, warm, squishy marbles were going between my legs the being caught by the leg guards. The entire time my mom was stroking my head and saying “There there, just let it all out baby”

Then I could feel a warm wet squishy log coming out. It felt like a soft serve ice cream was being made in my rear as the steaming log coiled in the seat of my diaper, squishing into my butt crack and pressing against the rest of my load and the high chair. Blaaarrrrttttt, I began expelling a slimy liquid mess and as it poured out my rear and through the cracks of the mess before flowing to my crotch, I began to wet my diaper to add to the mix. But finally I was done and the fowl stench of my deed began to spread throughout the room.

“All done?” my mother asked in a soothing voice.

I lifted my head from her breasts and nodded.

“It’s okay baby, no harm was done. Now how about some ice cream does that sound nice?”

I nodded again, still sniffling.

I moved my hand to the seat of my diaper to feel the damage. I placed it on the tented out softball size lump in the back of my diaper and could feel the bumpy steamy load that was resting there. I slowly began to sit back down onto the hard wood of the high chair and into my mess as it oozed into my crotch and scrotum. Squashing it against the leak guards and all over. I could smell the foul stench of the explosion that had gone off it my rear. It did not seem to phase my mom as she went to the freezer to get some ice cream. I moved my legs around a little, continuing to squash around the mess in order to get comfortable. “You know, maybe mom was right, this is not so bad. Other than the smell, the warm ooze felt sort of nice. Childish, but nice. However, I still cannot believe that this happened. It is the second time, it just happened all of the sudden I had to go. Maybe I am loosing control of that too…Also, since when does a high chair require a key to…” I thought to myself as I continued to squashed around in my mess before my mom interrupted my train of thought.

“Doing better baby?” my mom asked noticing the lack of tears.

I shrugged as my mom placed a bowl of ice cream in front of me and began to feed the cold tasty slush to me. “Well I guess I could get use to the poopy diaper situation. Mom did say it was okay to mess my diaper. She actually encouraged it and said that it was better than using the toilet. It does not really feel better. Though mom did bring up a good point in that I would not have to stop play… I don’t know what is the right thing I should be doing and will just enjoy the ice cream for now” I thought as I continued to be fed ice cream.

“I am proud of you for being so good about this baby. Isn’t it nice to have that out of you now?”

“Was it really? I mean it was now covering my diapered area. But I guess I was not in pain anymore. So, I suppose that is nice” I thought as I swallowed another cold bite of ice cream.

“I suppose it is nice to not have to stress about it” I said unsure of my words. As my mom put the empty bowl in the sink and grabbed the screwdriver.

“Let’s have another try at this” she said and within around 15 seconds she had it unlocked.

“Got it”

“That was rather fast” I thought.

“Now let’s get you changed into a nice clean diaper” she said as she picked me up by the seat of my diaper forcing the mess further up into my crotch and put me on the ground.

“Wow this thing is heavy” I thought to myself as I noticed the extreme amount of sag in my diaper in addition to the added weight. Elmo’s face was a dark shade of brown and stretched. I then waddled upstairs, with every step I took the diaper sagged slightly before the elastic pulled it back up, causing the mess to squash. Finally, we reached my mom’s room. I slowly got down on the mat with a squash, as my mother went to get the supplies. She soon returned.

“Okay here we go” she said as she popped the tapes.

“I thought you might want this” she said while putting my pacifier in my mouth. She then popped the inner diapers tapes and the stench was released. It was horrid. Though afraid I began to glance down at my crotch. It was covered in the slimy ooze. The diaper was completely filled from top to bottom with a thick paste of poo. It was all very overwhelming, so I decided to just lay back, relax, and suck on my pacifier while my mom began, little by little cleaning me up.

“So, what did you think of the high chair experience?” she said while continuing to remove bits of poo from my rear.

Pulling out my pacifier I said, “Though it was an umm… interesting experience, I am not sure that I am the biggest fan”

“Oh, I am sorry that you had such a bad first experience but maybe give it another shot. I thought it was fun for the most part. Until having to scramble for a screwdriver. Besides was having a full diaper so bad? It is a normal thing, accidents happen, and not one bit got onto anything”

“Other than my diaper, ahhh that feels good” I thought as my mom finished getting all of the mess off and applying the cream.

“It was very unpleasant at first, but I suppose it was not so bad after a while. Other than the smell”

“I did not find the smell to bad. Anyway are you enjoying the bottle at least?”

“It reminds me of my pacifier, so yes I am. It is also nice that I can leave it in any position and not have to worry about spilling it”

“That is great baby. It is one less thing I have to worry about” she said while taping up the diapers.

“Man it feels better to have a nice clean diaper on” I thought as I got up.

“Mom, what was wrong with the high chair?”

“Oh… the latch was stuck” she said nervously.

“Do you want me to make you another bottle? I will fill it with chocolate milk” my mother said in a loving tone.

“Oh, that sounds good, thank you mom” I said as we walked downstairs.

The story is written by abdl5622

Baby Pikachu can’t reach his pacifier

Baby Pikachu can't reach his pacifierPikachus mother was trying to learn Pikachu that he need to stop sucking on his pacifier so match that he did right now so she took his pacifier and and hung it on a hook so Pikachu could not reach it even if he was standing on one of his diaper package.

Pikachu love to suck on his pacifier and when he relished that he dont could reach it make him very sad so he was starting to cry big tears.

He did dent wont to stoop sucking on his pacifier.

Draw by Veemonsito

John’s Regression Part 9 to 10

Story written by abdl5622

Chapter 9

My mom returned the stroller and we got in the car and started our way home with a detour to the ice cream parlor. I was fairly excited about ice cream, still getting over the whole zoo incident. However, it was in the past and ice cream was in the future.

“How are you doing back there baby?”

“Better, your not mad right?”

“Of course not, you had an accident in your diapers. That is what they are made for. I changed your diapers when you were little. So, it’s not really anything new” my mother replied

“How are you holding up? Feeling better?”

“Yeah, thanks mom”

We soon arrived at the ice cream parlor and I ordered my vanilla ice cream while my mom got some strawberry. The sweet cold ice cream was refreshing.

“Thank you for taking me to the zoo today mom”

“Your welcome sweety. Sorry it got cut short a little”

“I still got to see what I wanted to see” I said as my mom wiped the ice cream from my mouth and just smiled. “This day has been as much fun for her as it was for me I think. That makes me feel a little better about her having to clean up my mess. She might have even enjoyed it. Now that I think about it. A messy diaper was not so bad” I thought to myself as we left to go home.

It was around four when we got home. My diaper was wet but not wet enough to require a change yet. We got out of the car I let out a yawn.

“Someone looks tired”

“Yeah I am a little tired”

“How about you take a short nap while I make dinner”

“A nap. I have not taken a nap in years” I thought “but that does kinda sound good”

“Good idea mom” I said with a yawn as I waddled upstairs and undressed to just my t-shirt and diaper. I got down into my snug covers and reflected upon the week as I began to drift into a deep sleep.

“What am I doing here” I thought as I looked around at my surroundings. I tried to move but my legs seemed to be stuck. I then noticed that the room was full of oversized things. Everything was bigger or I was smaller. I looked at myself and sure enough I was a toddler. I could not move because I was in a high chair. Then I saw my mom come in with a hot bowl of soup and she began to feed me. I was scared at first but now this was not to bad. All of the extra attention. Then everything went black.

I awoke and was greeted to the smell of meatloaf. “What a strange dream” I thought as I turned my head from my pillow and looked at the clock. 5:30pm. “Wow I really slept for a while” I thought to myself as I got up noticing the sloshing in my diaper. “I guess all of the soda went right through me” I thought as I made my way downstairs.

“Have a nice nap?”


“That diaper looks like it has seen better days. I will change you in a moment. Could you get thing setup? The diaper bag is on my bed”

“Sure thing mom”

“Thanks sweety, I will be right up”

I walked upstairs and noticed a couple of large boxes from the attic had been moved down. I also noticed a couple of new boxes that I had not seen before. I began to lay out the mat and get the supplies ready.

“I am here sweety. Oh good you got everything set up”

“Yes mom” I said as lay down.

“What are all of these boxes for?”

“Oh those, I am just doing some reorganizing” she replied sounding like she was caught a little off guard as she ripped open the tapes.

“It sure is a lot easier dealing with just a wet diaper” she said while wiping my rear. I only frowned at the comment, “It must have been so gross cleaning my diaper up at the zoo…” I thought.

Noticing my mood change my mom quickly added “But I do not mind sweety, I enjoy changing your diapers, no matter what condition they are in”

“Thanks mom” I said while she taped up my new set of diapers. “I think she is just going to stick with the double diaper thing from now on. Who can blame her. Less laundry and less changes” I thought as a felt the fresh dry mass between my legs.

“All done” she said as she gave me a pat on my thickly padded rear. We both then proceeded down to the table.

Dinner was fairly uneventful but still enjoyable. As I was finishing up my plate I thought to myself “It is so nice being a kid again, not having a care in the world”

“You look cheerful, what are you thinking about?” my mom asked.

“Hmm, oh… nothing”

“All done?” she asked as she saw my empty plate.

I nodded.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it. Tomorrow I was thinking we could go to the mall and pick up some more clothing for you and to restock on diapers as well as other things”

The mall, while I was not the biggest fan of all the people, or the countless hours of shopping, I could not say no to my mom who has been so sweet.

“Sounds good mom”

“Excellent, you want to go watch some TV before bed while I clean up?”
“Sounds good to me” I replied as I got up with a crinkle. As I walked out I could see my mom in the corner of my eye starring at my thickly diapered bum.

I flipped on the TV and started looking through channels.

“Boring, boring, boring” I said until I stopped on the kids channel, there in front of me was the big furry red face that looked at me every time I looked down at my crotch. With his fun smile and playful voice. “It has been a long time since I have watched this show. I wonder if it has changed from the show I use to love” I thought to myself as I became deeply engaged with the program. So focused that I did not notice the thirsty padding around my crotch getting a little thicker and warmer. Besides even if I did notice it, would it have mattered? The colorful and innocent program ended and I noticed that I had my thumb in my mouth and was sucking on it. It just felt right, even if it probably was not the most sanitary thing in the world.

I let out a long yawn.

“I think that it is time someone when to bed” my mom said from behind me.

Startled, I jumped and peed a little, “How long have you been behind me?” I asked nervously wondering if she had seen me watching the kids show.

Thinking that it would probably be better if he thought the she had not seen him sucking his thumb and watching TV she decided to lie and say “I just got in from the kitchen, sorry for startling you”

“It’s okay. I am getting tired but I am a little thirsty”

“I will get you a glass of milk”


She soon returned with warm glass of delicious milk. “Funny that I still like milk. Most people my age don’t anymore, they say it is for babies, but I am a baby, so it is okay that I like milk” I thought as the warm liquid went down my throat, well most of it. I spilled a little on myself due to the lack of attention.


“Ya, thanks mom”

“You’re welcome sweety. Wow, you got a bit on you, maybe you should drink from a bottle” she chuckled as she wiped my face.

“Maybe” I chuckled. “I wonder what would it be like to drink from a bottle again?” I thought to myself as I let out another yawn.

“Alright lets get you into your jammies” my mom said as we went upstairs.

She helped me into my warm sleeper and handed me my stuffed animal beary.

“I see you found this little guy on your adventure in the attic”

My cheeks went a slightly red as I grabbed my fuzzy friend and held him close as my mom pulled back my cozy sheets. She then carefully tucked me in and gave a warm loving kiss on my forehead.

“Goodnight baby” she said with a very soothing voice as she left the door cracked open.

I hugged my fluffy bear against my chest, put my thumb in my mouth, and took in the moment.

I felt safe, secure, and comfortable with my soft sleeper encasing me and my nice warm diaper keeping me safe and worry free from having to leave this state. I closed my eyes letting a single tear of joy form from my right eye as I smiled. “I do not think that life can get much better than this” I thought happily as I drifted off into a deep slumber.

Chapter 10

I awoke again to the beautiful sunlight beaming through my windows. My thumb was covered in saliva, and my diaper was very swollen with a cool pool of urine around my bottom. “I could use a shower.” I thought and as I noticed the condition of my diaper I thought to myself “At least it is only pee. I would hate to wake up to a sticky, smelly softball sized mass in my rear. I still cannot believe that happened at the zoo. I will not forget to go this morning” I then got out of bed and sloshed downstairs for breakfast, every step sending a wave of urine around my diaper. “I probably should not have had that milk before bed. But what does it matter, I am wearing a diaper. I might as well use it to its fullest capacity” I thought as I sat down with a wet squish.

“Good morning John” my mother said with a beaming smile.

“Good morning mom”

“Sleep well?”

“Always do now mom”

We both smiled as we finished breakfast.

“Lets get you changed so we can get to the mall”
With that we both went upstairs and she undressed me.

“Oh my, John could you get a towel from the closet for me, this might get wet” she said after seeing the overflowing state of my diaper.

I sloshed over and grabbed an old towel. I then squished back over and on the towel on the mat. I could feel the warm liquid move.

“Here we go” my mother said as she opened the tapes. A small stream of urine flowed onto the towel and was absorbed.

“I don’t know how you go through two diapers. But, no matter. At least you did not leak” She said as she began wiping me down.

“Hold off on putting a new one on me mom. I’m going to take a shower first”

“Sure thing baby”

I then walked up to my room feeling not really as secure as I did when I had my diaper. “I guess that I am starting to enjoy wearing diapers. I guess that is a good thing. No sense in being upset with something you cannot control” I thought to myself when I felt a rumble in my stomach. “I will not forget about that again” I thought as I went to use the bathroom and started the shower. After a nice refreshing hot shower, I went back to my mom’s room still feeling kinda incomplete without my diaper.

My mom was just finishing getting dressed after a shower of her own when I came in.

“Have a good shower?”

“Yes mom” I said as I lay on top of the mat.

“That’s nice, do you want to get anything specific at the mall?” she said while applying the baby powder.

“Nothing that I can think of” I replied as she finished taping up the second diaper. “That feels better. Nice and secure with this pillow in between my legs” I thought to myself as I got dressed.

We both went downstairs when my mom asked,

“Ready to go?”

“Sure thing mom” With that we hopped in the car and were off to the mall.

Now, the mall was not very far away, only about 30 minutes or so, but this gave me plenty of time to reflect and inevitably add some warmth to my diaper. “I cannot stop thinking about that dream… being a baby again. It felt wrong at first, but when I saw mom I felt like this was how things were suppose to be, me sucking on a bottle in a high chair… but with my mom’s warm smile I felt like I would be happy in that life… Right?… Anyway it was just a dream. They cannot all make sense. Speaking of my mom’s warm smile, that is not the only thing that feels warm right now” I thought noticing the steady warm stream of urine starting. It hit my diaper with a splash and was quickly absorbed by the padding it came in contact with. Then it flowed down to find padding that was not busy absorbing the rest of the liquid, causing my diapered area to become a little damp, but soon it was dry again. “That feels nice, being dryish, I mean my skin is dry at least” I thought noticing the expansion in the crotch of my pants.

“We are here” my mom said disrupting my thought.

“Cool” I said as I got up from my seat with the faintest of crinkles. The bulge would be more obvious to people anyway, but I did not really care. I looked like a toddler, people would probably just think that I was a two year old, so I was not too worried about what people thought of me. I did not really like crowds though.

“Hmm… lets see, where to first…” my mom said while pondering the map.

“Ah Gap kids, that should work” she said while she gently pulled me in the direction of the store.

We walked through the bustling crowd of people with my warm diaper crinkling with every step. “I hate crowds, they always make me nervous” I thought. However, the gentle loving grasp of my mothers hand reassured me that everything would be fine. “I would not get separated from her while we were holding hands” I thought as we pushed past the crowd of people.

“Ah, here we are baby” my mother said as we approached the large store. “Interesting, the store is actually split up into three different stores. The normal Gap, Gap kids, and baby Gap, one of those super stores, I guess. I still cannot believe I get my clothes at Gap kids as a 15 year old” I thought as my mom led me into the store.

“I am going to find someone to help figure out what size you are now” my mom said while walking toward a store attendant.

“Wait, what, mom hold on” I replied, but she did not hear my plea. “Someone else is going to see my diaper…” I thought nervously while my mom and a girl who had to be no more than 20 began walking up to me.

“Here he is” my mom said gesturing to me. I could feel my diaper getting warmer and my cheeks turned a deep shade of red.

“Hi there little guy. You are quite big for your age. How old is he anyway?”

“He is four years old and his name is John”

“Hi there John. My name is Jessica. I am just going to take some measurements okay” she said in a childish voice.

I nodded as she pulled out a tape measure and took some measurements. She soon finished.

“All done, this is the size you want to get him” she said in a cheery voice while handing my mom a pair of shorts.

“Thank you for your help, Jessica” my mom said as Jessica walked away.

“Sorry about that, I needed to know what size you are now”

“At least, she did not know my real age. Do I really look like a four year old?” I asked

“Kind of” she nervously replied.

“Anyway how about we get some food after this?”

“I am hungry. Food does not sound bad. Though I could probably use a change soon” I thought to myself.

“Sounds good to me mom”

“Let’s grab some clothes for you and the grab a bite to eat” she said while gently grabbing my hand.

We then proceeded to shop in the store for about another hour, all the while my diaper was becoming warmer and bigger.

“Now let’s go pay” she said as we walked toward the register while my diaper began to get heavier causing a noticeable bulge in my crotch.

“Looks like you could use a change” she said as we left the store.

I nodded in agreement as we went to find a bathroom.

We approached the bathroom. “Oh good there is a separate room for changing babies. I would hate to have to get changed in public” I thought to myself as we entered the room and locked the door.

My mom helped me up onto the cold plastic changing station and began to change me.

“So, what do you want to eat baby?” she asked while powdering me.

“Hmm… How about some hot dogs”

“Sounds good” she said while taping up the diapers. She redressed me and with a gentle pat on my dry padded rear we were off to the food court.

Story written by abdl5622

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