Along Came A Tattletale

Along Came A Tattletale“Misser Mike!” Dodger yells loudly, pointing at his friend, Caiden, “Caiden is stealing cookies!”

Caiden, completely taken aback, looks at his friend who had JUST sworn he would not tattle in shock.

Caiden and story by tugscarebear

The little blue stinker that is tattling on Caiden is ChildOfPhoenix new character named Dodger.

Draw by tato

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Poor little Caiden when Mike come to check out what his naughty little son is up to and find his paws inside the cookie jar he is going to be in some very big trouble.

I really like the expression in Caidens face in this drawing. He look to be pretty worry right now when Dodger screams about what he is doing in the cookie jar.

My Empty Bottle

My Empty Bottle
Well Char had been drinking the bottle and looks like all the juice had to go somewhere.

Order and text by The_Char_Char

Draw by operationfluff

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Yes it sure looks like the juice had a very big hurry to end up inside this thick diaper :)

Are you done soon?

Are you done soon?Order by Yure16

Draw by ComedianCat

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Poor cat looks like he wont to use the big boys potty instead of his thick diaper. But the question is the furry inside the toilet going to be ready on time before he have an accident.

Bed time lil one

Bed time lil oneDaddy Devante_Torlias

Cub and draw by Charry~

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Yes this sure looks like a sleepy cub but before he put this little cub down for some sleep. That diaper sure looks like it should be changed.

They look so happy and cute together.

Babyfur Comic: Kit Regression Page 1 & 2

Babyfur Comic: Kit Regression Page 1So…Kit’s having a morning like that. Things are changing and he doesn’t even realize it.

Order by kitcoon

Draw by astolpho

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Looks like even adult raccoons can spill things on his new t-shirt like cubs can do when they drink.

Babyfur Comic: Kit Regression Page 2And the conclusion to Kit’s ongoing regression. After the spilled milk incident, his breifs get more colorful and then thicker and more absorbent, his jean become overalls and his bike turns into a tricycle before he gets back to his race care bed crib.

Order by kitcoon

Draw by astolpho

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Awww i really love the last pic when you see this cute new regression raccoon suck on his thumb. He look really happy and relax in his new regression state.

This is a super cute little age regression story.