Soggy Tena Slip – dl-teen


This is one soggy diaper this diaper boy have end up whit. I can understand that he likes to play whit it now when it is all this thick from all the pee it have absorbing.

Pacifist to the extreme

Pacifist to the extreme
Dee is such a pacifist that he COULDN’T even bring himself to stop Toriel from blocking the exit. So…

Sketch done by tato

Coloring, text and Dee by Rogeykun


a pacifier can really calm a baby down and make him sleep so relax so he dont notes that he is wetting his diaper in his sleep.

I hope he had sweet dreams.

Too poofy

Too poofyFox: alexrian

Draw by rileykit


It is newer so fun to understand and relish that your diaper can be to thick and poofy to fit in your jammies.

What should he do now?

Wetting and little farting crinklz diaper video


Looks like someone have end up whit a messy and wet Crinklz diaper.

is worth two in the pail

is worth two in the pailOrder: knoton

Draw by Coren


Poor boy it can not be so match fun or good for his health to be force to spend the time in that diaper pail together whit all this messy and wet diapers there. The smell most be horrible now.

Wen’s Prisoner

Wen's PrisonerThe evil Wen captured me and is holding me prisoner in her teddy bear lair!


Husky and text by Marksy

Draw by Wen


Poor Marksy it seems like he have end up in some big trouble and really need some help. And from the look on his wet diaper butt it really seems like he needs to have his diaper change before he starting to leak all over that big teddy bear.