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Pichuboy and Sparks weigh problem

Pichuboy weighs himself

Poor pichuboy in a commission, now stepping on the scale to find his weight gain >.<;

I guess he needs to work on eating healthy and exercising more ^^

Pichu: pichuboy

Draw by: pichu90

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/12306592/

pichuboy maybe have some wight problem or it can be the thick diaper that he is wearing it look kind of thick. Special when you see this poofy butt like he seams to have.

Sparks' weight problem

Thought I’d post the Sparks’ version. I guess he will finally stop snacking between meals XD

Just a little humor picture, but you will never figure out his actual weight :U

You can also see he’s naked XD

Sparks: pichu90

Draw by: pichu90

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/12306636/

Yes Sparks is naked but it make him extra cute. But i know how they fell i have some weigh problems to.

Sleepy Butt

Sleepy ButtCubs are little cute things that can fall asleep in allot of places and allot of cute pose to. Foxy is no exceptions when it comes to that part. He fall asleep loot of times on the floor when he plays whit his cars and today it happens to he falls he fell asleep during playtime still sucking on his pacifier and whit his thick diaper butt in the air so every one can see it.

Draw by: xxxchaotickitty

Tummy Ache For Pichuboy

Tummy Ache For Pichuboy
Tummy Ache For Pichuboy.

I guess eating too much candy really did a number on my tummy. I probably won’t eat as much next year :).

Pichu: Pichuboy.

Draw by: pichu90

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/12103145/

If you remember this picture: http://www.myabdllife.com/2013/11/09/yummy-candy-fills-my-tummy/.

He receive allot of candy during the Halloween and i write that i think that he should end up whit a bad tummy ache from all this candy that he have eating. And from the look on this picture it seems that i was right about this but still it is not so fun to see him have this big pain and i hope that its going way soon but it is not easy to think about that when you have this pain right now. Good thing that he have a thick and poofy diaper because i think he is going to fill it up soon and when he have done that i think that tummy ache maybe dont is this bad any more. And that he finely can have some relief and maybe have a nap so he can rest his poor tummy.

I only hope that he learn something from this to next year so he dont end up whit the same thing again.

I only wish that i could do any thing to help him whit the bad tummy ache.

Foxy inside a baby bottle

Foxy inside a baby bottle
Foxy inside a baby bottle.

When Foxy woke up this morning he notes that something was weary strange and it dont take him many min to figurer out what was wrong. He have some how woke up inside a baby bottle. But how have he end up inside his own baby bottle? is he still dreaming or have he drink something strange before naptime? at least he still have his pacifier that he can suck on during the time he come up whit a plane to get out of his baby bottle. Then it hit him he could use the pacifier to break the bottle so he could get out. So he tack out his pacifier and try to smash one side of the bottle. But like you maybe understand that dont work so Foxy need to come up whit a new plane to get out of his bottle.

At least he is wearing a thick diaper if he is going to be stuck inside the bottle for some time.

Draw by: aspentree

First halloween for Foxy

First halloween for Foxy
First halloween for Foxy.

Foxy was out on his first halloween but he not like it so match all the house was so scary and even if he have his pacifier whit him he dont had the courage to walk up to the door and knock on it. So Foxy decide that he should run pass this scary house and see if he can find some nice house there he can ask for some candy. And finally he find the perfect house. Can you guess which house it was? Yes you guess right it was his own house that was the only house that he had that courage to walk up to the door and knock on it.

But after all this was Foxys first Halloween that he was out for some trick or tree.

Draw by: zanten94.

I dont wont to start whit the Potty Training Part 2

I dont wont to start whit the Potty Training Part 2
I dont wont to start whit the Potty Training Part 2.

If you remember the first part: http://www.myabdllife.com/2013/10/02/dont-wont-start-whit-potty-training/ Foxys mom have decide that she should start to potty training Foxy something that he not wanted to do. After a couple of days and allot of crying he release that this dont work. So what should he do then? So one day when Foxy receive his bottle whit juice he come up whit a plane that instead of empty this bottle in his mouth he could empty it in his diaper instead and whit that make it more wet.

But one thing that Foxy not thought about now when he empty his bottle inside his diaper instead of the mouth he still going to be thirsty and he cannot go back to his mom to fast whit this empty bottle and a wetter diaper and ask for more. Most of the time it take him 20 to 30 minutes to empty his bottle and now when he do that in his diaper he is going to be don in 5 min or something.

So what is he going to do now? do his mom going to suspect something when he come back so soon and ask if he can get a new bottle?

Draw by: rogeykun