Unboxing Tenabutiken order 2/8-2016

This is my first order that i have made from the Swedish diaper shop TENAbutiken.se I know this is not an exciting unboxing video. But i lest you get to see my order that was included this two Tena products:

TENA Slip Active Fit Plus 3 diaper package which is included 3*30 = 90 diapers

TENA Slip Super 3 diaper package which is included 3*28 = 84

So this order include 174 new diapers :)

Restock on Wipes and Wash Cream 1/8-2016

DSC_0044I recently restock my supply on wipe and wash cream. Even if its only one wet wipe package i have order this time it will be enough for me for a while because I did not use them so much. When it comes to the Tena Wash Cream it is really something that i could recommend it really help you skin get smooth and soft. It is a product that every diaper carrier should have in there supply.

Big messy load – femboydl


Source: femboydl.tumblr.com

Wow this was one messy release this boy made in his Tena Slip Maxi. He really needed to go potty big time.

Nice wee in nappy during day – nappydiaperukgirl


Source: nappydiaperukgirl.tumblr.com

Looks like this diaper girl ended up whit some bladder release in there Tena Slip Maxi style=. Looks like the diaper handle the accident pretty well :)

A little before & after nite action


Source: diapercowboy.tumblr.com

Yes it sure looks like this Tena Slip Maxi diaper hade a couple of accidents to work whit this night :)

How to become a wet boy


Source: dl-teen.tumblr.com

A nice little diaper wetting video that show how this diaper boy become a wet diaper boy when he was wearing his Tena Slip Maxi diaper.