Exposure is clearly a turn on for this boy – boyonbdsm


Yes it sure seems like wearing a diaper sure turn on this boy :) He sure seems to love wearing the diaper :)

Soggy Tena Slip Ultima Morning – babygingeruk



Looks like the Tena Slip Ultima passed the bedwetting test :) And yes it is a pretty good diaper and it sure swells allot when it get wet like a diaper suppose to do when it being use. It sure is nice to wake up in the morning whit a soggy squishy diaper in the morning and maybe play a little whit it.

Do soaked this morning! – diaperboycoreybouchard


wow this diaper boy sure have ended up whit one pretty big and soggy diaper this morning. Look how well used this diaper is. It is kind of amazing that it has manage to handle every whit whiteout leaking.

Refueling the car and wear only a diaper – nerdindiaper


This sure is one brave diaper boyRefueling the car and wear only a diaper - nerdindiaper that we have here. He is out refueling the car and wear nothing else then a Tena Slip MaxiRefueling the car and wear only a diaper - nerdindiaper diaper in one of the photos. That sure is one brave move.

A soggy squishy Tena diaper – DLTeen


It sure seems like DLTeen know how to use his diaper the right way. It sure seems to be pretty squishy and soggy right now when he is playing a squishy his diaper front :)

Another soggy morning

Another soggy morningOrder by Netto

Draw by Dracky

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/26702077/

Poor Netto it sure seems like she have waked up to another wet morning. Good thing she decided to put here Tena diaper on the last night otherwise here bed should end up pretty soggy instead of the diaper that she is wearing. Good thing the diaper manage to keep the bed all dry and clean for here. Even if she feels like a baby for needing to wear diapers to bed.