Reorder from 2/8-2016

If you remember a blog post that i write at the beginning of this month (Unboxing Tenabutiken order 2/8-2016) i placed a order at Now when i have try a couple of this diaper i notes that i order the wrong size. It did dent feel completely right whit the medium size that i order. The fit around the legs was a little bit to tight so i decided to replace the order that i made and instead go whit the larger size. So now i have a couple of diaper package that i dont really can wear :(

I have dont yet decided what i should do whit the diaper that i dont can wear. Maybe i can manage to sell them or something.

Unboxing Tenabutiken order 2/8-2016

This is my first order that i have made from the Swedish diaper shop I know this is not an exciting unboxing video. But i lest you get to see my order that was included this two Tena products:

TENA Slip Active Fit Plus 3 diaper package which is included 3*30 = 90 diapers

TENA Slip Super 3 diaper package which is included 3*28 = 84

So this order include 174 new diapers :)

Squishy diaper play


Looks like this little diaper boy woke up whit a wet diaper this morning good thing his mother decided to diaper him this night. Now when he have woke up whit a wet diaper instead off a wet bed he can have a little cozy squishy diaper play whit his wet Tena Slip Plus diaper.