Refueling the car and wear only a diaper – nerdindiaper

This sure is one brave diaper boyRefueling the car and wear only a diaper - nerdindiaper that we have here. He is out refueling the car and wear nothing else then a Tena Slip MaxiRefueling the car and wear only a diaper - nerdindiaper diaper in one of the photos. That sure is one brave move.

Double diaper – dl-teen


Giggle looks like someone decided to put a clean and dry Tena Slip Maxi over the soggy one instead of changing it in the morning :) Look how heavy it seems to be right now :)

Playing whit a soggy diaper


Yes playing whit your diaper (Tena Slip Maxi) before you pass it on to your trash bin is kind of nice and it sure makes you feel special and happy :)

Apparently tenaboy Christmas food was delicious

It looks like tenaboy Christmas food have made it true his system into the awaiting diaper (Tena Slip Maxi) :)

Playing whit soggy Tena Slip Maxi diaper – dl-teen


Looks like this diaper boy decided to have some nice and special playtime in his Tena Slip Maxi diaper. and yes doing this sort of stuff whit a soggy wet diaper is kind of nice :)

Big messy load – femboydl


Wow this was one messy release this boy made in his Tena Slip Maxi. He really needed to go potty big time.