Soggy Tena Slip Ultima Morning – babygingeruk

Looks like the Tena Slip Ultima passed the bedwetting test :) And yes it is a pretty good diaper and it sure swells allot when it get wet like a diaper suppose to do when it being use. It sure is nice to wake up in the morning whit a soggy squishy diaper in the morning and maybe play a little whit it.

This sure is one soggy Tena Slip Ultima – dl-teen

Aww it sure seems like this boy have putting his Tena Slip Ultima to more then a good use. I should say it is very well used and sure seems to be close or have pass what it can handle before it starting to leak. But i sure hope that is not the case. I sure hope that he is thinking about a diaper change now.

Another soggy morning

Another soggy morningOrder by Netto

Draw by Dracky


Poor Netto it sure seems like she have waked up to another wet morning. Good thing she decided to put here Tena diaper on the last night otherwise here bed should end up pretty soggy instead of the diaper that she is wearing. Good thing the diaper manage to keep the bed all dry and clean for here. Even if she feels like a baby for needing to wear diapers to bed.

New order from TENA Butiken 30/8-2016

This months have i order allot from Tena Butiken as you may already know if you are following my blog. In this order i decided to order some diaper more designed for the night time then the other one that i have already order. So this order Tena Butiken contained following product 1 case of Tena Slip Active Fit Ultima and 1 case of Tena Slip Active Fit Maxi in size Large. Its going to be nice to try this out maybe tonight and see how it works. I’m pretty excited over this and it going to be kind of awesome. One of the bad thing about the Tena products is the Leak guard on the diaper is so low.