Plush Sammy’s waiting in the claw machine

Plush Sammy's waiting in the claw machineSomeone will win her some day…

Sammy BabySam

Draw by Myoti


Yes i hope that someone will win this cute pay someday. It could not be so match fun to spend your days inside that machine.

Luck cub wins Plush Sammy from the machine! Seems Digit. didn’t wanna give up on the claw machine, and so finally he won! And he gets to take Plush Sammy home and give lots and lots of love and affection forever <3

Dragon: Digit

Sammy BabySam

Draw by Blankie


Its looks like Sammy get lucky now when Digit decide to pick here instead of all this teddy bearsPlush Sammy's waiting in the claw machine. Looks like they are going to have allot of nice cuddling time together.

Purple Teddy Bear Diapers

New product alert from Aww So Cute. Looks like Aww So Cute have decided to come out whit a purple teddy bear print on there diaper.

Purple Teddy Bear Diapers

Aww So Cute says: Dress like a toddler again with the most adorable adult printed diapers on the market. Our Purple Teddy bear diapers feature teddy bears, stars, diaper pins and baby bottles for extra fun and cuteness. IT’s ALL about the cuteness! – If it Ain’t Cute Dont Wear It ” !!!!

 ASC diapers are comfortable, crinkly and stretchy with elastic legs for a secure fit. They are also thicker for absorbency for durability! No other adult diaper on the market are like these, with added attention and value to each diaper, we take into account the value, quality, design and aesthetic to meet your adult baby needs.

Our high quality adult baby designer diapers are sold in bundles of 10.

Please be advised, depending on your shipping region, shipments may take anywhere from 15-28 days.

International quanities are limited to 1 pack of diapers per customer.

We also carry sample packs that come in bundles of 3!

Reserve yours CUTENESS Now. You can tape up with these Purple Diapers Sept 8th or Sooner !!!

Safe in Mama’s Arms

Safe in Mama's ArmsFurrys Yookey and ReXam-1

Draw by ReXam-1


Aww this two furrys look so happy to be together. This is one super cute drawing that is loaded whit allot of loves and cuddling.

Plushie’s Revenge

Plushie's RevengeI love and adore all of my teddy bears and plushies, especially my Riley bear. That is why it came as such a shock to me when she organized a revolt and led some of her fellow plushies to enslave me. Her plan is to bind me to the crib and keep me there in diapers and sensory deprivation while her and her fellow plushies have fun around the house. I don’t know how long they plan on keeping me here but I did see Romulus setting a timer for one month before Riley pulled the blindfold over my eyes.

Features: Riley the Rainbow Bear, Roger the Bondage Bear, and Romulus the Werewolf.

Wolf and text by muarauder12

Draw by skelbely


Poor little wolf a month bondage in a crib is a weary long time and if they are going to keep you bondage all the time you body muscle is going to hurt allot when they are letting you go. If they are going to let you go.

Special Teddy Bears – nobodyhentai


Looks like this three Teddy bear have come to life and decide that this girl should have some special time in diapers.

Bamse print on the dentist bathroom wall

I was at the dentist a few weeks ago and find this cute Bamse print on the bathroom wall. I find it that cute that so I had to take a picture of it with my mobile camera so I could post it on my blog when I got home. And here is the picture i talking about:

Bamse print
Bamse print

Do you not agree that it is a sweet and cute pic?

If you dont know Bamse from before? You can read more about it on this Wikipedia Page.

Here is some short information about Bamse.

Bamse the main character, is a brown bear who becomes the world’s strongest bear by eating a type of honey called dunderhonung (lit. “thunder-honey”), specially prepared for him by his grandmother. (Almost) anyone else who eats it, apart from Bamse’s pet bee and his daughter, ends up with three days of stomach ache. Bamse is also the kindest bear in the world, and is often seen helping those in need. The name Bamse comes from a Scandinavian word for “bear” or “teddy bear“. “Bamse” can also translate to “giant” or “big one”, though that would be somewhat of a misnomer, as Bamse is rather diminutive in size compared to many of the other characters

You can read more about his friends her.