Storms Are Scary

Storms Are Scary*Clings to jake and hides under a blanket*
Storms are scary and demand blankets, plushes, and snuggles to stay safe.

The scared for and above text by nightfox320

Draw by yuppup


A poor fox it sure seems like he has a very scary time right now :(

Good thing that he have his teddy to cuddling whit and good that he is wearing a diaper to. I bet someone soon is going to put it to some use :(

But that is what a diaper is made for. Maybe he should go and find his mother or father for some comfort?

Another well deserved nap

Another well deserved nap

he’s gonna be surprised when he wakes up.

Draw and everything by Skelbely


I sure wounder way he is going to be surprised when he wake up? Is it that he have wet his diaper in the sleep or that he has sleep whit his pacifier in his mouth all night long?

Or can it be something else?

But one thing for sure he sure is going to have some calm and nice sleep :)

But one thing for sure is a good thing that he was wearing that diaper :)

I Had a Bad Dream OnO

I Had a Bad Dream OnOCan I sleep in your bed tonight? The bedtime monsters might get me if I don’t… And my bed might be a little wet… I blame Minty @n@

Draw and everything by Erin-Cloverfox


Awww looks like someone woke up from a bad dream :( I sure hope he get allowed to sleep whit his parents :)

I bet that is going to make him feel allot safer :)

Not So Big Kitty

Not So Big KittyThis drawing is related to this drawing: Tests and Tinkles

Draw and everything by Erin-Cloverfox


This teddy bear sure know how to make this cat blushing big time :( But it sure can be good to be wearing some good protection that can handle your accidents :)

Controlling the bladder sure can be hard stuff sometimes :( And having a wet accident at school sure is not fun.

Let’s go change you little man – smolbuncup

Yes it sure seems like someone could be needing a change here now.

Back Seat Sleeper

Back Seat Sleeper

We can all agree sleeping Kammy is the best Kammy…
Mostly because it’s just about the only time her big mouth isn’t being indignant. ^_^

Draw and everything by Kammypup


Cubs sure are cute and quiet when they are sleeping :)

I sure hope that she have some nice and wonderful dreams.