Bakery Ad

Bakery AdAnd don’t worry Andrew~ It’s hard to say no when a mommy and her baby are sweet-talking/guilting you into doing a humiliating photo shoot for ads for their bakery~ Just ask Petie, he knows first hand

Draw by tato

Order by The_Lost_One


Poor little Pichu i dont think any one will recognize you in this cute baby ads photos that is showing in the bakery windows. You look so happy and relax when you eating all this yummy stuff.

Babyfur Comic: Everyone’s a critic

Babyfur Comic: Everyone's a criticPetie and chester, with chester offering some unwanted constructive criticism LOL! Bet he wont do that again.

Order by: The_Lost_One

Draw by: toddlergirl


This comic look weary cute but from the look on Peties face he dont like to be at level one where he start at the nursery and dont wear anything else then a diaper. Maybe he should draw a own comic now when Chester have run away there he could put him on level one instead.

Poor Petie

Poor PetiePetie is making money for his college fund by posing as a little baby girl and doing various baby commercials. Well I suppose when youre a smaller than average teddiursa you’ve got to use that to your advantage.

Petie: The_Lost_One

Draw and text by: toddlergirl


Yes i can understand that this is a weary embarrassing and blushing way for Petie to earn some money but it is kind of easy way to. But he dont look so happy being dress up like a cute little baby girl and it is pretty hard to notes that it a boy that is hiding below this pink stuff. And maybe they fix some extra photo shoots now when the have this cute baby girl in front of this camera.

This was a weary cute drawing from toddlergirl and she made a wonderful work on this drawing that the The_Lost_One order. Maybe i order something like this may self whit my Foxy. That should be something cute.

Babyfur Comic: Good Friends

Good FriendsThis took AGGGGGEEES But I am really pleased with the end result. I really want that raichu plushie *giggles*.

Teddiursa/Petie: The_Lost_One.

Pichu/Ruby: takinoue.

Poochyena/Andrew: ?

Draw and text by: toddlergirl


Aww i love the end in this comic they look so happy together. And it is weary nice of Ruby to put on a diaper to you st so Andrew not should fell so embarrassing about that she is wearing a diaper. But he look little embarrassing when Andrew hug him for being so nice and that is the best thing to show it.

Now they all can spend allot of time hugging and play whit there plushy like some weary good cubs do when they have a nice playtime together.

I am not sure that i get every name right here in this story.

PCA – Paula’s First Commercial

PCA - "Paula's" First Commercial
PCA – “Paula’s” First Commercial.

Hmmmmm A little more blush for those rosy, healthy chubby cheeks… a little glitter on the fur… brush your cute little cowlick back for that round, infant look.

I dun wike dis.

“Ah, ah, ah! Don’t mess with your eyelashes. They give you that cute, doll like look. Nearly done with your face and fur, then we move on to COSTUME.

“…….. yay….”.

“Don’t look so glum. It ruins the infant look.

Petie sat glumly in a make-up chair, an absolutely exuberant sableye circled around him. Justin, the make-up and costume guy for the diaper commercials, was having a ball transforming Petie into “Paula” for the new line of diaper ads. The reason Petie was so glum though was because while he normally was a kindergarten like teen boy who needed diapers… Paula was a infant girl who was supposed to be about 6 months old or so. This illusion was created by a mix of Petie’s incredibly babyish body and proportions, a large amount of make-up and a long makeover, and of course…

“Wardrobe time.

Petie inwardly groaned as Justin whisked him over to the already laid out costume he’d be wearing for the commercial. To go with the new infant diapers he was already wearing and would be advertising (bright pink, soft, and thick enough he could barely walk) there was a pink, puffy sleeved, shorted shirted infants dress, a matching set of mittens and booties, and a big cute bow to go by his ear like his sisters wore. A comparison Petie was less than happy to make.

While the flamboyant ghost happily dressed “Paula” a pretty but obviously nervous absol girl approached them flipping through papers on a clipboard. Camellia, the director of the commercials they’d shot up to now… and new Head of the Cuddlebutts Ad development. A role she was adapting to with the grace and speed that could be expected of anyone.

“This is… oh I don’t know… they didn’t have to give me the new studio… it’s so big… and all this new equipment… and an office… they didn’t need to give me all that…”

She was obviously blushing as she was either trying to go over last minute prep for the commercial or looking over the script. Petie didn’t get a chance to look since Justin pulled the dress over his head and the world went pink for a moment. When it was finally properly on him Camellia had moved to stand next to him, looking down at the little teddiursa with a nervous smile.

“Well either way this’ll be our first commercial with the new studio so lets make it the best one yet! Okay… Paula?

“… dun call me dat pwease.”

“It’s to help you get into character. Now then my little star since you’re almost ready lets go over the script one more time.


The scene started with a soft nursery rhyme tune sounding like it was being played by a music box as a title card appeared on the screen trimmed in delicate pink and with “What’s the softest thing you can think of?” written on the middle of it in a cute nursery bubble letter print. The title card fades after a moment to show Paula, as precious and innocent eyed as ever, laying tummy down on a nice thick soft pillow. The infant bear sucks her pacifier as her little limbs twitch and her gaze wanders in the innocent way most babies attention drifts when they’re confused or bored.

That scene faded leaving Paula cooing happily as she rested her little head against a cute Chansey plushie twice her size. The little bear rested against it for a moment, looking like she was about to doze off, before blinking her eyes open and crawling off in an adorably clumsy infant manner, apparently having gotten bored with her toy.

Again that scene faded and shifted to a panning short of a delicate pink bassinet with white lace trim and a little mobile over it of various small legendaries like mew, celebii, and jirachi. Tucked into the bassinet under a soft white baby blanket was Paula, sleeping soundly and looking like a baby angel as her pacifier bobbed in and out the background music slowing and quieting down gently to suit the mood…

Till Paula’s face scrunched up sourly and her pacifier fell out of her mouth as she started to bawl, obviously unhappy and needy. It was a loud, piecing sound any mother knew meant their baby needed them… and sure enough “Mommy” came running as a beautiful ursarang lady entered the shot, dressed in plain casual clothes that hugged her lovely frame and her long light blond hair held back by a simple hairband as a warm, comforting smile came across her face as she gracefully scooped her baby out of the bassinet and cuddled Paula close. The infant’s sobs dying down to sniffles as she nuzzled into her mommy’s neck.

An image of a stack of Cuddlebutts diapers on one side and a close up of Paula’s diapered bottom on the other appeared in the foreground suddenly as the scene changed. It now showed Paula giggling happily as she lay on the pillow again, this time on her back, as her mommy playfully kissed her bootie clad feet. After a moment of this the scene shifted again showing Paula sitting, giggling, and clapping happily as her mommy held up a pair of happiny plushies and made the toys dance cutely in front of her daughter. Before finally it shifted to a sleeping Paula being tucked back into her crib by her smiling mother as a voice over is heard.

“There’s nothing softer than parental love. But Cuddlebutts comes quite close! Because they are manufactured with love, Cuddlebutts offers the softest protection for your little one. Whether it’s fur, feathers, scales or bare skin, you can trust Cuddlebutts to take good care of it.”

The scene shifted to show a package of Cuddlebutts infants diapers with Paula sitting next to them, the infant happily giggling as she shook her rattle before noticing the camera in front of her and blinking cutely, her long doll like eyelashes fluttering, as she stared at it curiously. Pausing to sucking on the rattle for a moment she giggled and reached out to try to grab at the camera with her free paw as a voiceover played.

“Cuddlebutts. All the softness your baby needs”.


“That’s a wrap! Wonderful work everybody! It just has to go through editing to put it together and we’ll have it on tv in no time!”.

“Wonderful, maybe now I can get this blond dye out of my hair.”

“Don’t look so glum Mrs. Julafton~ You were great today!

“Thank you, but I must admit Paula commercials always feel kind of… awkward to me.

“Why? Just pretend your caring for one of the twins.

“……. Now that just makes it more awkward.


“Pardon me, my baby wants out of her bassinet.”

Momma couldn’t help but smile to herself as she looked at Petie, or should she say Paula since he was still in costume, standing up in the bassinet he’d been left in both paws grasping the side for balance as his legs wobbled a little thanks to how thick his diaper was. His adorable face, still done up with all of Paula’s makeup, was in a furious frown that made you think somebody took Paula’s bottle or toy away before she was done with it… but it meant Petie wasn’t happy about being left after Momma put Paula down for a nap in the last scene they filmed.

Still in character, Paula just looked too convincingly like one of the twins with normal fur colors, Momma gently picked up her currently crossdressing son up under the armpits and cradled him like an infant his little head on her shoulder, one of her hands on his back, and the other under his bottom. Petie let out a long whine as he squirmed ‘Mommmmmmmaaaaaaa! I want out of this costume! I want out of it NOW!!” he said, pouting furiously as his mother couldn’t contain a small laugh as she commented.

“Just because you’re still in costume doesn’t mean you need to keep acting like my spoiled little princess you know Petie~”.

“… sowwie Momma… but pweeeease get me out of dis costume!”

“Okay, okay, lets get you back to being my baby boy then.

Still cradling Petie like a newborn Momma started to carry him over to costume and make-up where they could get him back to normal when a bright flash of pink light in front of her made Momma stop in her tracks… and sigh since she knew exactly who it was. Sure enough as the light died down a little toddler girl mew wearing a white party dress, matching hair-bow, thick pink diaper, and for variety a bow on her tail was floating there grinning at them.

“Hi Mrs. Petie’s mommy~ Is the commercial done?”

“Hello Diana. Yes the commercial filming is finished, now if you’ll pardon us.

“Hiiiiii Paula!”.

Petie had squirmed till he could turn around in Momma’s arms, having ended up sitting in the crook of one of them. Unfortunately his first sight was Diana getting nose to nose with him and chirping out the greeting making the teddy’s cheeks flush red. Puffing up those red cheeks in annoyance Petie leaned back to get some distance from the mew and huffed out “I’m Petie, don’t call me Paula when I don’t have to be her!” he probably would have gone on with his little rant but Diana cut him off by floating back to look at both bears and chirping “Does she need a change?” which made Petie’s cheeks go even redder as impossible as it was as he sputtered for a moment.

“No, Petie’s dry and clean at the moment.” Momma answered while her son struggled to regain his ability to communicate. He didn’t miss the chance to puff his little chest up with pride at that and smirk “See? I’m a big boy! I dun’t need a diaper change every hour!” he said as you could almost see his little head ballooning as he frantically tried to pump up his ego… which promptly popped as Momma added “Actually we had to pause and change him mid-way through filming. He should be good for a while.” Sending her son right back to adorable pouting as she giggled and kissed his head.

“That’s perfect! It means we won’t have tu stop for a change on the way to da nursery!”.


Before either bear could properly piece together what she meant Diana plucked Petie from Momma’s arms with telekinesis and hugged the flailing, floating bear tight before vanishing in another flash of light. Momma blinked for a moment… then groaned and put her face in the palm of her hand before sighing and looking around at the workers who’d just witnessed the event.

“Any of you know where the new nursery Danu had installed is?”


When she’d adopted her twins Danu decided to do something that honestly surprised her workers… since they thought she’d do it a while ago just for Diana, she had an actual nursery/daycare installed in the building. So that she could keep her babies close and so that workers with young children could have someone to watch their babies for free while they worked. As of the moment though it wasn’t properly staffed for use but since it was built right next to Danu’s office and the twins were its current residents, Diana took over running it until they could get a proper person to do the job.

Which didn’t lift Petie’s spirits any as they appeared in it as Diana set him down on the soft padded floors. “Why’d you bring me here?” he demanded, cheeks still bright red and puffed out “I was about to get tu change out of dis costume!” Diana just giggled teasingly and grinned “Calm down Paula~ I thought your mommy said you were clean, yur acting like yu need a change~” that made Petie whine in embarrassment… when two familiar giggles were heard behind him as Diana added “And I brought yu here cause I wanted y utu meet my baby siblings~ Frey? Freya? Meet wittle baby Paula.

Petie barely had time to squeak in panic as he was grabbed from both sides and pulled into a strong cuddle as the latios and latias toddlers happily snuggled what they thought was their new playmate. Petie whined and opened his mouth to protest further… which gave Diana the perfect chance to pop a pink pacifier into it as Petie started nursing on it on reflex making him blush more. Giggling Freya kept snuggling him as Frey began poking at his tummy, tugging on his bow, pulling on his dress, and more as if to inspect something. Naturally Petie couldn’t hear a word the two were saying since they still communicated telepathically… but then Diana chirped something, apparently in response to something she overheard the two say, that nearly made him wet his diaper in panic.

Yes she IS a sister to the nice bear cub twins~ So you can play with her like them.

Petie’s pacifier fell out of his mouth as he opened it to protest but it was too late. Giggling innocently Frey started nuzzling and blowing into the bears tummy as Freya did the same to his neck as Petie dissolved into a fit of adorable baby chirps, giggles, and squeaks as he squirmed helplessly. All the while Diana smiled happily at watching the ‘Babies” play as the twins moved onto nuzzling a still giggling Petie’s bootie and mitten clad paws as he was helpless to stop them.

She’d have to talk Paula into being their playmate more often.

Story and cub by: The_Lost_One.

Draw by: tato.

Camellia and Justin owned by xehta13.

Shaded by and help The_Lost_one whit this cute story: takinoue.


This was a super cute story to a cute drawing and he fit weary good in doing diaper commercial and when he wear this girls outfit it is hard to see that it is a boy. But if they change his diaper they are going to see that this is not a girl i bet you know what they going to find.

Diana Comes to play whit Peties

Diana Comes to play whit Peties
Diana Comes to play whit Peties

Diana is actually an adult but being that she is a mew she has powers that allows her to transform into a toddler version of herself in order to escape the responsibilities of adulthood. So she goes around to Peties house one day and cant understand why he doesn’t embrace his babyside more. She she decides to help him out.

Order by: The_Lost_One.

Draw by: toddlergirl.


I hope that Diana manage to help Peties out to accept his baby side more. Bu from the look on his face he seams to be more confuse then happy about this transformation. But i hope he mange to come around and maybe like this transformation.

I like the cute and blue diaper that Peties receive whit a cute and sweet print on the front that fits him good.