Can Someone Check For Monsters?

Can Someone Check For Monsters?I got scared of the dark and ran out of my nursery clutching my plushies. Can you check for monsters please?

Test and wolf muarauder12

Draw by zombineko


Poor little wolf yes sure little friend i can go inside and see if i find anything scary inside your nursery.

Don’t get Carried Away

Don't get Carried Away
He’s probably getting spanked for making terrible puns. Mike has his trusty hairbrush just in case.

These linearts are a series of four pictures of Caiden drawn by Tato. Colored by animegirl2012

Caiden and text by

Aww poor Caiden his butt really look well toasted now.

One very sad cub

One very sad cubThe sad cub Charry

Draw by Charry


I know how it can be when the depression and anxiety is very strong it can really mess you up and make you cry big tears and it can take a couple of hours to calm down.

This drawing really show in a good way how bad and sad you can feel when you in that mode.

Lucky Chapter 5

Story is written by neverdry

Miss Henry sat Taylor on her bed. Taylor heard something when she was sat on the bed. It sounded like a plastic bag rustling.  Miss Henry  opened up the towel that was wrapped around Taylor. She let the towel fall on top of the bed. She  turned and pulled the top of the dresser open. She then looked at her wrist watch. “It’s late enough.” she said, as she pulled out a diaper.

Even with all the crying Taylor had been doing, she could clearly see the white diaper Miss Taylor was holding in her hand. She looked again not believing what she was seeing. How did that get into her dresser? In Miss Henry’s other hand was a bottle of baby powder. Taylor be can to panic.

Taylor closed her eyes, then re-opened them. Miss Henry was now standing in front of her with the biggest diaper Taylor had ever seen and a bottle of baby powder in the other. “What…..what is that for?” Taylor asked softly.

Miss Henry set the baby powder beside Taylor and put her hand on Taylor’s shoulder. She then pushed Taylor back. “Might as well get you ready for bed dear. I think you need to go to bed early tonight. I’m sure you were up late, at your little sleepover last night.”

Taylor had no choice but to be pushed back onto the bed. She was now lying flat. “I don’t understand. Where did that diaper come from?”

Miss Henry shook her head. “I’m sure your Mommy got them from the store silly.” she said, as she un-folded the diaper.

Taylor put her hands on the bed and went  to move away. As she started to move, Miss Henry, with one hand, took both of Taylor’s ankles and pulled her back towards her. She quickly lifted Taylor’s legs up into the air, lifting her bottom up off the towel. The bed made that rustling sound again.

“Noooo….What are you doing? I don’t wear diapers!!!” Taylor screamed.

Miss Henry set the diaper under Taylor’s bum and lowered her legs. Taylor went to get up but Miss Henry placed her hand back on her shoulder, pushing her back down. Miss Henry took the baby powder and twisted the cap. She took Taylor by the ankles again, lifting them back up. She sprinkled a good amount of powder on Taylor’s bum. She set the bottle back down and rubbed the powder all over Taylor’s little bottom.

Taylor placed her hands over her face, she started sobbing. “Stop….Stop. I don’t need diapers. You have to believe me, I’m eighteen. Please stop!”

Miss Henry stopped rubbing. She pulled her hand back and spanked Taylor. She lowered Taylor’s legs back down onto the waiting diaper. Miss Henry leaned over Taylor and pulled her hands away from her face. “You my dear certainly are stubborn. If you tell me once more that you are eighteen, you will not be able to sit the rest of the month. Do you understand?”

Taylor was crying so hard she could hardly catch her breath. Why was this lady acting like this? She opened her eyes. The large women was towering over her, with a very angry looking face. Taylor had endured enough spankings for one day. This last one had sent her over the edge. Something came over her as she tried to get herself back under control. “I’m….I’m sorry.”

Miss Henry smiled. “I know it’s hard for you honey, but I promise that I will help you get potty trained before your  Mommy and Daddy get home, but let’s not worry about know, okay? Just relax and let Nanny get you dressed, then we can go down and get some dinner.”

Taylor’s eyes opened wider when Miss Henry said “Potty trained.” She tried to process what she was talking about. “I am po….potty trained.”

Miss Henry stood back up straight. She picked up the powder again, sprinkling some on Taylor’s private parts and tummy. She  decided not to rub the powder in. Instead she just pulled the diaper up between Taylor’s legs. Taylor’s leg separated as the diaper was pulled up. Miss Henry fastened all four tapes and then patted the front of the diaper. “There we are honey. Let me just grab something for you to wear.” Miss Henry opened up the closest and choose a purple pair  of PJ’s. She set the pants on the bed and pulled Taylor up. She was not sitting on her bed in nothing more then a diaper. Miss Henry pulled the PJ top over Taylor’s head, then fed her arms through. She took Taylor by the hand and gently guided Taylor down off the bed.

Taylor looked down at herself. Her legs were spread apart, as the wide, thick diaper prevented her from closing them. All she could smell was baby powder. Just last night she had gotten her private parts waxed and she was very close to getting a tattoo. If Becky hadn’t  talked her out of it, she would be sporting a butterfly on her ankle.  Now she was standing beside her bed, holding onto this lady’s  hand, she just met not a hour ago,  wearing a diaper. She felt her arm being pulled and she had no choice but to start walking. Her first step was very awkward. Her second step was just as bad. All of a sudden she was lifted up from under her arms and was set onto Miss Henry’s hip. Again her legs wrapped around Miss Henry as her arm was placed under her diapered rear.

“Let’s go get some dinner honey.” Miss Henry said, walking towards the hallway.

Taylor rested her head on Miss Henry’s shoulder. She was wore out and confused. She said nothing as she was carried down the stairs.

Sarah was in the kitchen stirring some sauce. She turned when she heard someone walking towards her. Sarah dropped the spoon into the pan and starred at her step-sister sitting on Miss Henry’s hip, wearing nothing more then a purple shirt and a diaper. Miss Henry was holding a blanket that was from the family room. She set Taylor down and placed the blanket on the floor. Miss Henry picked Taylor up and stood her in the middle of it.

“Sit on your bum. I will get you something to drink.” Miss Henry said, standing in front of Taylor waiting for her to do as she was told.

Taylor looked at Sarah, then slowly sat on the blanket.

“Good girl.” Miss Henry stated, as she walked to the fridge and pulled out a sippy cup. “Here you go honey.” she said handing the cup to Taylor.

Taylor looked at the sippy cup that was placed in her hand. She looked up at Miss Henry.

Sarah had to put her hand over her mouth to stop herself from laughing out loud. Here was her eighteen year old step-sister sitting on the kitchen floor, wearing a diaper and holding a sippy cup. She in no way looked eighteen. At best, she might look six.  All her planning had paid off much quicker then she ever dreamed it would have. She never imagined that Taylor would be diapered, so quickly

“Sarah please, tell her I’m eighteen.” Taylor yelled, throwing the sippy cup across the room.

Before Sarah could say anything, Miss Henry piped up. “My word child. Did we not just have this discussion.” Miss Henry took Taylor’s hand and lifted her up. She picked her up and walked towards the kitchen table. Picking up the sippy cup on the way. Miss Henry sat down and brought Taylor up into her arms. She cradled her.  “If you are not going to acted like a eleven year old then I have no choice to treat you like you are acting.” She placed the sippy cup  in front of Taylor’s  lips. “I guess I have to feed you like a baby, since that is the way you seem to want to act. Now drink!”

Taylor’s head was resting against Miss Henry’s arm and her diapered bottom was between her legs. So was scared she was going to receive another spanking, that when she was just told to drink, she opened her mouth and let Miss Henry insert the sippy cup.

Miss Henry smiled as Taylor began sucking away. She looked at Sarah. “Thank you dear for looking after supper. I really did not think we would be so long.”

Sarah looked at her sister lying in Miss Henry’s arms. It looked like Miss Henry was bottle feeding her. Sarah smiled, “No problem. It’s my pleasure.”

Sarah waited a few seconds then  took a big chance.  She slowly pulled her phone out of her back pocket. She glanced over her shoulder. Neither one was looking her way. She held up her phone and quickly snapped a picture. She replaced the phone back into her pocket and turned back towards the stove. She returned to stirring the sauce. She stirred for a few moments but could not contain herself. She just had to look at the picture. She pulled her phone back out, opened her pictures and a big smile came as she looked at a perfect picture.  Little Miss Princess, with her big diaper, sucking away on her sippy cup, getting cradled by a very large women. No one would ever believe it was Taylor, but it  was just the leverage she needed, to make this next month a blast.

Taylor sucked from the sippy cup. Cold apple juice filled her mouth.  Tears slowly started to disappear. Somehow, someway, the sucking motion she was making, was calming her down. She looked up at Miss Henry and saw that she was smiling down upon her. She quickly closed her eyes. She did not want to see her right now.  She felt ridiculous sitting in a big diaper, sucking from a sippy cup, but what could she do. The diaper around her started to  heat up. Her already sore bottom started to feel worse. The powder had sooth it a little, but now it seemed the sting was coming back.  She had to find a way out of this mess. Why had Sarah not said anything? She as to be behind all of this.

Taylor opened her eyes when she heard Sarah say, “Miss Henry. I was going to go out tonight, but if you think you need me to stay, I certainly will.”

“No. No dear. You go out. I don’t think she will be anymore trouble. Will you honey?”

Taylor kept sucking away. She was in no position to talk.  She starred at her sister who was smiling ear to ear.  Go out? She is not allowed to go out. She is only fifteen. Taylor wanted to push the sippy cup out of her month and say something, but she wanted nothing to do with receiving yet another spanking. So she just sucked quicker and closed her eyes.

Sarah placed her hand on Miss Henry’s shoulder. “I can wait and go out tomorrow. Would you like me to take Taylor, so that you can finish making dinner?”

“That would be great dear.” Miss Henry slowly got up, still holding Taylor in her arms.

“I better sit on the blanket with her. She is a little big for me to hold like that.” Sarah said, walking over and sitting cross legged on the blanket.

“Very good dear.” Miss Henry knelt down and placed Taylor in Sarah’s lap. Sarah took a hold of the sippy cup and let Taylor’s head rest against her arm.

Taylor figured this was her chance. She  waited for Miss Henry to walk away. She grabbed Sarah’s hand that was holding the sippy cup and tried to push it away.

Sarah learned down so that her lips were right in Taylor’s ear and whispered. “I don’t think you want to do that baby girl. I suggest you keep drinking.”

Taylor  tried as hard as she could to push the cup away from her, but again Sarah did not let it move.  “Okay then if you want another spanking.” Sarah picked her head up and said, “Miss Henry.”

Taylor quickly pulled her hand off the sippy cup and let it rest beside her.

Sarah looked down at Taylor and smiled.

“Yes dear.”

“I was just wondering how long dinner is going to be?”

“Just a few minutes dear.”

“Okay thanks.”

Sarah looked down at Taylor. The sippy cup was now empty. Sarah learned back down and whispered, “I’m going to let you sit here by yourself. Don’t do anything dumb. I will help you later. I have something to tell you.” Sarah pulled the sippy cup out of Taylor’s mouth. She slide Taylor off her lap, so that she was sitting on the blanket. Sarah stood up and patted Taylor on the head. “Be a good girl, please.”

Taylor sat with her legs spread out in front of her. All she could think about was what Sarah had to tell her. Would she really help her?  She so wanted to scream at Sarah and say ‘Help me no.’ but she could not bring herself to do it. Her sore bum prevented her from doing anything, expect sit on the blanket and look down at the stupid diaper that was between her legs. Taylor took her figure and poked the diaper. She could not believe how thick it was. It was so thick and wide that no matter how hard she tried, she could not get her legs to mover any closer together.

Sarah set the empty sippy cup on the counter and went to the fridge and retrieved a full one. She placed in front of where Taylor was going to be sitting. Right beside Miss Henry. She looked back at Taylor sitting on the floor. Taylor was  poking  her diaper. She so wanted to take another picture, but she could not take the risk. She knows there will be plenty of opportunities to get as many pictures as she wants as the days go on.

“Dinner is served.” Miss Henry said, taking over a pot of noodles to the table. She dished some on each of the plates. She returned to the stove and brought back the sauce. Miss Henry covered the noodles with the sauce. Sarah noticed that she did not put has much sauce on Taylor’s plate. Miss Henry placed the sauce back on the stove and walked over to Taylor. “Come on honey. Dinner is ready.” She took Taylor’s hand and helped her stand up. Taylor walked very slowly towards the kitchen table. Sarah looked on as Taylor waddled towards the table.  Miss Henry pulled out a chair, then picked Taylor up and sat her on it. She pulled another  chair out and moved it as close as she could to Taylor, before sitting down.

Taylor looked at the plate of noodles and at another full sippy cup. She turned her head as Miss Henry picked up a fork and set it on her plate.

“Come on honey eat up. You don’t need me to feed you. Do you?”

Taylor shook her head. She grabbed the fork and pushed it into the noodles. It was enough that she was sitting in a diaper at the kitchen table. No way was she letting this lady feed her.

Sarah sat directly across from Taylor, watching her closely. She wondered how long it would take for that apple juice to go through her and what Taylor will do when it does.

Miss Henry finished a bite of her noodles. “Sarah, if you really want to go out tonight, it will be fine here.”

“Thank you, but I think it would be best for tonight, if I stay home.”

Taylor started eating. It tasted really good. She got about half done and she set her fork down. Looking at the sippy cup she hesitated, but reached out and picked it up. She brought it up to her mouth and sucked. She returned the cup to the table. “Can I call my Daddy tonight?” she asked.

Sarah looked at Miss Henry and could see she was in the middle of chewing her food. So in a sing song voice she said,  “Not tonight. Maybe tomorrow night. Remember what Daddy told you. There all the way on the other side of the world and it might be hard to get a hold of them.”

Taylor dropped her dead down and pouted. Sarah smiled as she noticed Taylor’s bottom lip stick out a little. ‘She is more child like then she had ever thought’. Sarah decided to see how far she could take it. “Sweetie, it’s okay. Don’t cry.”

Taylor lifted her head back up. “I’m not crying!”, she said rather loudly.

Miss Henry reached out and picked up Taylor’s sippy cup. “Here honey,”, she said, placing the cup into Taylor’s hand.

Taylor tilted the cup back and be can to suck the cool apple juice. The suckling motion helped relax her in a weird way. She continued to suck on the plastic spout and before long she closed her eyes and learned back into the chair.

Miss Henry noticed Taylor. She gently pulled Taylor’s chair back and slid her over onto her lap. Taylor opened her eyes when she felt her chair being moved but did nothing as she was placed into Miss Henry’s lap.

Miss Henry pulled the sippy cup out of Taylor’s mouth. “Just a few more bits.” she said, as she pulled Taylor’s plate towards her and picked up her fork.

Taylor squirmed in Miss Henry’s lap as she saw the fork coming towards her.

“Come on honey. Three more bits, then you can finish your juice.”

Taylor gave in and opened her mouth as Miss Henry placed the food into it.

“Good girl.” Miss Henry said, placing more food on the fork.

Sarah was in heaven, as she watched eighteen year old Taylor get fed like she was a toddler.

Story is written by neverdry

Restless nights

Restless nightsDraw and everything by Charry


Poor little babyfur. Yes darkness is a very scary thing. Good thing you have your glowing pacifier and your Stitch plush that is there to protect you from all the bad monsters that live in the darkness.

Talk After the Movie

Talk After the Movie
*SLAM* Went the car door Dexter got out.

Caiden and Dexter had just got back Cadien’s to the house from seeing Star Wars Episode VII at the movie theater. The movie was great and both of them enjoyed it very much. Well it seemed that way for Caiden at least. Dexter was not so pleased for some reason. Ever since the movie ended Dexter had this scowl and quiet look on his face. Caiden could not help but think that Dex was mad at him, but he was not sure why. Perhaps it had something to do with how obnoxious Caiden was during the film. While Dexter liked to sit and quietly watch a movie, Caiden was the opposite. Caiden (mostly wrapped up in more nostalgia than anything) was hyper, squealing, nudging Dexter throughout the entire movie even after he was asked not to do that many times.

“Is everything ok?” asked Caiden as he followed Dexter out of the car.

“Go into the living room and get ready for a change.” ordered Dex with little emotion

“Ok….” obeyed Caiden as he went inside, took off his pants, and got the changing supplies ready.

Dexter was playing Caiden’s “Big Brother” for the weekend so he was in charge…sort of. While Dex made the rules and whatnot he, as well as Caiden, were both diapered. Caiden wore his favorite Cuddlez diapers while Dexter wore the ABU Space diapers. After watching a two hour movie they were both in need of a change.

*rip* *rip* went both tabs as Dexter untaped Caiden’s soaked diaper.

“I am not very happy with you Caiden.” announced Dexter as he started to clean Caiden

“I’m sowwy…what’s I do?” asked Caiden in a cub voice as his diaper area was wiped and powdered.

“I asked you many times before and during the movie to be quiet and settle down didn’t I?” asked Dexter as he taped up the new Cuddlz diaper and Caiden quietly nodded “I asked you many times and you ignored me each and every time. Since you didn’t listen to me I’m afraid that you have to be punished. Now, go upstairs and wait in your room. I’ll be there after I change myself.”

Caiden whimpered as he went upstairs and sat on his bed. He waited there thinking about how naughty he was during the movie. He fidgeted as he wondered what his punishment would be. Time-out? Grounding? Extra chores? Spanking? Mouth Soaping? No Deserts?

After five minutes Dexter came upstairs and entered the room and closed the door. He walked in and stood in front of Caiden with his paws on his hips.

“You know why I’m upset?” glared Dexter to Caiden

“‘Cause I was naughty and talked during da movie…” replied Caiden somberly

“It wasn’t just that. It was because you disobeyed me. Not once, not twice, but THREE times. I know you were excited about the movie, but that does not excuse disobedience.” lectured Dexter as he pulled a paddle from his back jean pocket “You’re going to get a spanking Caiden. Then an early bedtime.”

“NNoo!!….” whined Caiden as Dexter sat down and Caiden stood up “I’ll be a good boy! I’ll never disobey you agains…”

“I’m sorry Caiden, but you know better that to disobey me.” replied Dexter as he pulled Caiden’s diaper down exposing his bare bottom

“Pwease! I’ll be goods!” pleaded Cadien as he was bent over Dex’s lap.


“I know you will and this spanking will be a reminder to you the next time you think about disobeying me!” lectured Dex as he spanked Caiden 20 more times on the bare behind leaving him a bawling mess.

Once the punishment was over, Dex let Caiden up and sat him on his lap. Caiden cried into Dex’s shoulder while Dex soothed him by gently rubbing his butt. After a few minutes Caiden had calmed down. Dexter pulled Caiden’s diaper up and tucked him into bed.

“Nite nite big bwother.” sniffled Caiden as Dexter was leaving the room.

“Goodnite little guy.” answered Dexter


Caiden and text by tugscarebear

Draw by paddedringtail


Yes that butt sure look quite red now after that 20 spanking his butt received from that paddle.