Toyapup messy diaper butt

Toyapup messy diaper buttThe cute cub Toyapup

Draw by


Poor little Toyapup it really seems from the diaper bulge that he have not that he really needed to go big time.Good thing the diaper is there so Toyapup can focus on empty his bowel into the awaiting diaper.


OopsWell, I was really eager to see what my toes tasted like! But I think I tried a little too hard and had a bit of an accident, oops

Fox and text by TyTheFoxie

Draw by takottah


Nothing wrong that you had a little accident when you are wearing your diaper it is made to handle accident both wet and messy ones so you have nothing to worry about little friend. You st keep focus on try to taste how your toes taste like and let your mommy or daddy change you when they have found out that you have a messy diaper.

Strike Three, You’re Out!

Strike Three, You're Out!Another rule that the daycare workers don’t have posted on the wall of the ‘Time-Out Corner’ is that after your third time-out of the day, they have to contact your parents. That can’t be good for our furry toddler.

Caiden and text by tugscarebear

Draw by takottah


Poor Caiden wounder what sort of bad thing he have been doing today that have earn him him to be standing in the time out corner three times this day-


ShotsShots always suck.

Canid and text by RocketWuffPup

Draw by TakOttah


Yes i agree getting shots is newer nice and the big needle they use are always scary. But it helps to get a nice and yummy lollipop when all of this is over.

Squishy pamps

Squishy pampsWolf: Vappyflame

Draw by TakOttah


It sure looks like this wolf have ended up whit a well used diaper that really seems to be needed to be change before he end up whit a diaper rash. But it seems like he wont to have a special messy diaper play before the change is happen.

Can I have a change now?

Can I have a change now?Changes are overdue.

Skunk and text by DJHak

Draw by TakOttah


This is one messy diaper this cub have end up whit. His mother most have give him something special in the baby bottle or he maybe have some tummy problem.