Time to buying diapers again – Kircai_Art

Yes it sure seems like you need to do that and it seems like he is already in need of a new clean diaper. It seems like his diaper butt starting to get a little messy.

Go ahead give it a smooch i’m sure Tails won’t mind – xephy_buns

Go ahead give it a smooch i'm sure Tails won't mind

This drawing is created by

No it sure seems like Tails dont going to mind if you decide to give him some special attention.

He sure also seems to wear one cozy thick diaper to :)

Leaky Guys

Leaky Guys
Cream and Tails needs to get their diapers changed. and both wants changing together.

Draw and everything by ConejoBlanco

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/28844782/

Looks like Tails should have his diaper change first here ;) It sure seems to have sprung a leak here :(

I sure wounder how he is going to react when he notes that.

Babyfur Comic: Comfies Deluxe Exploration Team CM Pt 2-2

Babyfur Comic: Comfies Deluxe Exploration Team CM Pt 2-2Draw and everything by MTH001

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/full/24434566/

Not wearing and using diapers can sure spoiler some good adventures and this Comfies Deluxe sure seems to be pretty thick so they can handle multiply wetting :)

Amy and Tails sure is wearing some good diapers for there exploring and adventure time.

Babyfur Comic: Comfies Deluxe Exploration Team CM Pt 1-2

Comfies Deluxe Exploration Team CM Pt 1-2Classic Tails and Amy are out on the Rainy Savanna, where this commercial of for new Comfies Deluxe was done.

Draw and everything by MTH001

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/24423957/

What a nice little diaper commercial drawing :) And we sure knows that allot of boys like to wear thick and poofy diapers that make time feel little and waddling around whit something thick between there legs.

Tails telegraph that he needs a a change

Poor tails it is sure easy to notes that you need a diaper change when you do something like that. Everyone is going to notes and notes the smell of your stinky accident that you had in your diaper when you do something like this.

Poor Tials here sure have a hard time when he try to cover up his needs for diapers :(