Brian Tiger Beach Tag

Brian Tiger Beach TagBrian wiimaster306

Draw by TaviMunk

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Looks like Brian have a fun day at the beach splashing around on the big sea.

Rockin’ SolarStar

Rockin' SolarStarSolarStar is rockin’ out with his guitar and KISS t-shirt.

Order ?

Draw and text by MarciMcAdam

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This sure looks like an awesome badge and what a cool new way to use a pacifier :)

Jay Tag

Jay TagJay poofy-shark

Draw by Tavimunk

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This is one happy Jay that we have here on this badge. Seems like he is out swimming in the big ocean. I only hope he dont get lost when he is out exploring.

Yookey Summer tag!

Yookey Summer tag!The cute red panda: YookeyWah

Draw by TaviMunk

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Aww this is one cute badge/tag. Looks like Yookey have found a beach ball to play whit :)

Jacob tag

Jacob tagJacob in his cute diaper wearing his xbox shirt and controller.

Jacob and text by babymorris

Draw by TaviMunk

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This is one cute badge/tag and his diaper butt is so thick and poofy.

Artie MP Tag

Artie MP TagThe diaper robber strikes again!!

Megaplex Tag for Artie

Draw and text by TaviMunk

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Here we have a cub thats not have learn yet that you should note take things that dont belong to you. That is something very naughty and bad behavior.