ABU PreSchool – Plastic And Black Friday

ABU recently send out a newsletter to there costumers whit some exacting news. The ABU PreSchool diaper is now available in a Plastic version. They also had some information about there Black Friday offer. When you order a case of diapers you get a ABU N’ CHILL T-shirt.

ABU PreSchool - Plastic And Black Friday

Get An “ABU N’ CHILL” T-Shirt FREE* 

  • *ONLY ON BLACK FRIDAY when purchased with any case of diapers.
  • Do this by adding an 80-case & the “ABU N’ CHILL” T-Shirt to your cart on November 25th.
  • Discount to T-Shirt is applied at checkout.


So be sure to check out there website on Black Friday if you wont to use this offer :)

Pikachu Galaxy And Pikachu Trainers

Pikachu GalaxyPikachu Trainers (Male)

Here is two photos on some cute Pikachu t-shirt that i recently received in the mail. If you wont to order one of this t-shirt by yourself you can click on the link below.



Crinklz Fanshop First Order

Crinklz Fanshop First OrderLike you she on the photo above you a received the two T-shirt that i had order from the Crinklz Fanshop that i have mentioned earlier that they have open. So now you can wear your favorit Crinklz character on the t-shirt the same time you wear your Crinklz Diaper. That is a awesome and cute combination to be dress in.

So now you can be a happy Crinklz Diaper Boy/Girl how match you wont and wear your favorite character on a T-shirt.