You know the rules!

You know the rules!Gift to ?

Draw by Sylph_Space


Awww poor pony it seems like someone dont understand the rules of diaper training here. Poor thing now she is force to use here thick diaper when someone have use some heavy chains on the toilet.

She sure dont seems to like the situation she is in. I sure wounder how she ended up whit this type of rules.

A Day Out

A Day OutTwilight and Cadence decided to take their little foals out for a day of fun activities around Ponyville! Of course with everything Twi had planned, that meant only stopping to change their diapers when it was *really* necessary. Luckily the public restroom wasn’t too crowded. Only a handful of mares came up to say how cute their little babies were.

Order by radix

Draw and text by Sylph_Space


Aww poor thing this sure can be one kind of blushing situation to be in.


AlmostMaybe next time

Draw and everything by Sylph_Space


Poor thing he almost did it this time. But that thick diaper sure can handle allot more accident so i dont think he should be changed yet. He need to learn to spend some times in a use diaper.

Bunny boi

Bunny boiDraw and everything by Sylph_Space


Awww poor bunny it sure seems like he did dent make it to the big boys potty in time. Good thing he is wearing a diaper that can handle his accident :)

And it sure seems like the diaper he is wearing do need to be changed. I sure wounder who is going to be handle that? Maybe its going to be the school nurse ?

Fussy Finnick

Fussy FinnickDraw and everything by Sylph_Space


Poor Finnick it looks like he dont wont to have his diaper changed. He sure seems to be struggling allot here.

Malfunctioning Auto changer

Malfunctioning Auto changerThe poor wolf Babycyanwolf

Draw by Sylph_Space


Aww poor wolf it sure looks like something is wrong whit this diaper changing machine :(

I hope he found a way to make it stop before he is covered in diapers.