Eat your damn veggies

Eat your damn veggies.Sometimes you have to make certain sacrifices to keep to your ideals.
Other times it’s better not to argue with your crazy mommy.

In terms of food, this one will have to chose between veggies and boiled eggs.

A well known scientific fact, not eating your veggies can be very unhealthy for your testicles.

Also, in case he is stubborn enough, his mommy is resourceful. If he won’t eat these damn veggies his balls will be cooked, then regenerated and the process will repeat every day. He’s got to give up sooner or later (or not).
Remember, fiction -> regenerative tech/magic, everything is possible in fiction.

All the bad puns aside, just one of my many sketches which was sitting there, tempting me to clean it up a bit.
So yeah, he probably won’t get his eggs boiled, he just needs to eat that damn thing… then again, I hear cubs are stubborn.
And I suppose tagging torture, because to some cubs eating veggies is like torture.

Draw and text by supremekitten


Poor boy that he get his testicles bolling that is not something that is going to be healthy for them.

Poor deer

Poor deerOrder by MewlesVerne

Draw by supremekitten


Aww poor deer it seems that he have been a very bad boy. First he get a spanking on his butt and now they use the belt to spanking his boy part. That most hurt allot. Wounder what he have done that make him deserve this kind of treatment?

Hope they let him go soon.

Idle cub spanking wip v3

Idle cub spanking wip v3It look like supremekitten have made some nice progress on the Idle cub spanking flash animation. Not it is in color and the cats body move back and forward now. That look really nice and make it little cute to.

You find the new version here on Inkbunny: and you need to have an account on Inkbunny to access this flash spanking. But it costs nothing to create one.

Idle cub spanking work in progress v2

Idle cub spanking work in progress v2
Idle cub spanking work in progress v2.

This flash game is created by supremekitten on

If you wont to try this spanking cub games you can find it here. You need to be a member on to access it and that dont cost any thing.

This is the first time i have see a spanking flash game and it was kind of nice to see the butt turn all red and here the spanking sound when you increase the speed and the power on the spanking.