Who knew Dire Lynx were so big

Who knew Dire Lynx were so big

Star had never seen a dire lynx before, this creature stood about 9 foot tall, super fast, super strong and super quick at overpowering the five foot tall corporal.

Theres something about Stars expression in this one, where she looks so upset, like she really didnt want this, she really put up a fight but in the end it was futile…once again the buttons are hammered

Order by Foracal

Star, draw and text by BabyStar

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/24989414/

Poor star she dont seems to have any chance against this dire lynx. But she sure needs to get here dirty messy diaper changed and she have no chance to succeed whit that when she is wearing mittens on here paws. So she sure needs the help from dire lynx if she wont to get back into something clean anytime soon.

Big Floof

Big FloofNorris the Softhearted

Master Floofymancer and self-proclaimed “best babysitter in the land”

Draw and everything by Ludis-Luteo

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/22827072/

Looks like Norris have found a fussy little baby boy to handle. Wounder if it is a magic pacifier that this boy have been forced to suck on?

It sure seems that Norris soon is going to have one happy baby boy when this pacifier is finish whit him :) And he is not going to have any memories left when it comes to his big boy life.

Babyfur Comic: o sonho do bebê, página 8

Babyfur Comic: o sonho do bebê, página 8

And the torture went on. Yure was focused, trying to not lose any other droplet. “I can’t give her this satisfaction”, he thought, “I’ll hold on through the whole night.” But the effort would soon become unbearable. He began to sweat, feeling the pain of being full, forcing himself to contain it. His bladder felt heavy, taut and warm. He began to cry with the effort of clinging desperately to his last vestiges of dignity. “I have to control myself… I need to stay dry!”, even though he wasn’t dry anymore. He tried to suppress his moaning, but one and another escaped, while he moved his legs with strength and intensity, throwing his weight from side to side, his movements becoming even more franctic. His body insisted with him to relieve himself, but he continued fighting against the forces of nature. “This is my body!”, he repeated to himself, “I am in control!” The fight between his control-desiring soul and his animal side intensified. Second by second, his bladder became fuller and fuller. From time to time, strong pulsations made urine escape and surges. His bladder was beyond capacity and the effort made him blush and feel tired. He had nothing in his mind. His thoughts were blank. Sweat continued to pour from unknown glands. The surges became longer and more frequent, his effort to hold was reduced to an effort of slowing down the progression of embarrassment. He looked up a little, his eyes threatening to turn inside the skull, his body was trembling he was hurting in his entire abdomen. His shallow breath became faster and he was soon drained from all of his forces. Urine began to flow more and more freely as Yure exhausted himself. Defeated, he gave up. He gave a long and deep sigh of relief, his breathing, once shallow and short, became deep and slowed down at each inhaling movement, panting, defeated, destroyed. The diaper filled up against him, become almost scalding hot and finally leaking greatly. It was when words came back to him and he could say to himself:
– I failed. This is the highest level of humiliation that I could ever go through.

Draw by Yure16

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/20182869/

Poor Yure it really sure looks like his bladder have finely busted and the diaper that he was wearing could not handling the big flood so it have leaked big time. Dont worry little Yure a leaking diaper is nothing to be blushing about. That can happen sometime that the diaper could not keep up whit your big wettings ;)

You really need to have a diaper change now.