An embarrassing situation for HeartfulShields

Poor HeartfulShieldsit seems like he is now force to show the customer that he is wearing a diaper. At lest that diaper he is wearing is dry and clean. It should be even more embarrassing if the diaper he was wearing had ended up wet and soggy.

Babyfur Comic: Broken Law, Busted Butt Part 12

Babyfur Comic:  Broken Law, Busted Butt Part 12Caiden and mike belongs to tugscarebear

Draw by tato


Awww looks like Mike getting back to the store whit Caiden so he could pay for the lollipop that he decided to steal.

Oh the hypocrisy here

Oh the hypocrisy hereFoxies shopping! ^^

Draw and everything by Skelbely


It seems that we have two fox out shopping for some more diapers wearing only there diapers. This sure is two brave foxies :)

‘Helping’ mommy at the Store

'Helping' mommy at the Store
Taking a toddler to the grocery store to ‘help’ you is really counter-productive.

Caiden and text by tugscarebear

Draw by Tato


I think this is very nice thing that Caiden is doing helping his mother at the store. But from the look that she have on his face i am not sure that she is liking this.

Shopping day…oh boy!

Shopping day...oh boy!Lisa and Cheryl decided to go shopping  to the store!And they decided to bring with them their little cubs too!They really like in-store specials, good prices and the latest fashion!And among the in-store specials that  they offered, they found one that caught their attention!

Cheryl:”Look at this Lisa!This is what I call a great in-store special!I will take four!”
Lisa:”I’ll take one!This is enough for me!As soon any of my children to do mischief, rest assured that I will use it!”

And in addition to their embarrassing moment, the twins wear a leash like babies!

These cubs will think twice before doing mischief or something naughty!^^

***This happened years before the separation of Matt with his wife!****

Caiden: tugscarebear

Lineart by Victor/colors and text by nelson88


Looks like this cubs mothers need to have some new paddles to use on there cubs butt when they are naughty.