The stinker skunk – xephy_buns

The stinker skunk - xephy_buns

Draw and everything by

Someone sure needs to come and help this skunk back into some clean and dry cloths diaper. The diaper he is wearing right now sure seems to have ended up pretty stinky and should be changed asp.

Babyfur Comic: Wishing diapers

Wishing diapers
Wishing diaper when its messed is a good suggestion, and worth for a comic :D the more messy the diaper is, bigger the wish is.

Kyle belongs to lulshi

Draw and above text by ConejoBlanco


Giggle now she sure have allot of candy to eat :) Maybe she should have start whit messy the diaper :)

It sure is a nice a nice trade. You get allot of candy and the only thing you need to do is messy the diaper :)

This sure is one happy Squirrel :)

Babyfur Comic: School Issues Comic Pt1

Babyfur Comic:  School Issues Comic Pt1

Draw and everything by chuckybb


Good thing for the first diaper girl that the second diaper girl come to the rescue and using here magic power to teach this bully a lesson. Now this furry sure going to learn and feel how it is to wear a diaper and how to use them :)

A nice comic and i sure hope that chuckybb is going to make more pages :)

Pants plopper

Pants plopperThis is why you must always Remember extra stretchy. Pants

Order by Ace.13

Draw and text by yourfur


I dont think extra stretchy pants would help in this case. His messy diaper sure seems to have expended allot from the messy load.

Seems to be a one more messy diaper for that stinky loaded diaper pail he have. It sure seems like he needs to start thinking about empty it.

Lil finnick reporting. For doody Part 2

Lil finnick reporting. For doody Part 2Do what ever you got To earm your change.

Draw and everything by yourfur


Poor Finnick looks like no one wont to change his messy stinky diaper and i can sure understand that. It sure looks like he sure have messy it allot. That diaper sure is pretty heavy and it is kind of amazing that the tape on the diaper is able to handle this :)

Lil finnick on duty

Lil finnick on duty
Well isn’t he the cutest stinker in the zpd

Draw and everything by yourfur


But before he heads out to the street someone sure needs to change his stinky messy diaper.

He sure look kind of cute any way.