Showing Off His Toony Stink Lines

Showing Off His Toony Stink LinesThe toon world is a weird little place, and one of the weird facts within the toon world is that a dirty diaper will emit visible stink lines to warn all nearby toons so they can run away to safety in time!

The stinky pup belongs to Harrisma9

Draw and above text by Diegesis


Yes someone sure seems to love showing off for everyone that he sure have on stinky diaper here that he is wearing.

Someone sure needs to change his cloth diaper because it sure seems like he needs a new clean diaper.

The Big Issues

The Big IssuesRegardless of whatevvvvver you believe. Vote. Just….frigging…vote.

Draw and everything by Reva_the_Scarf


Yes they sure have some big questions here to talk about. Having less or no naps and chocolate milk sure is tempting here.

But the biggest question is do Reve have a messy and stinky diaper? His opponents sure seems to be screaming allot about his diaper state.

So who are you going to vote on here?

Cyan poofy mess

Cyan poofy messwaking up to a full one.

The wolf belongs to BabyCyanWolf

Draw and above text by Perfectly.Patches


Someone sure seems to have one pretty upset tummy here and this wolf tummy sure have put good use off his diaper. He sure have woken up to one big expended messy diaper here. It sure amazing that it dont have leek or exploded.

Stinky boy doing stinky things – PrinceofPoof

Yes someone sure seems to have ended up whit a pretty heavy and well used diaper here. Good thing it seems to have been able to handle everything :)

Trick or stink

Trick or stinkWell at least his costume fits lol smelly toot toot

Order by sabermantis

Draw and above text by yourfur


Yes someone sure seems to be in need of that clean diaper right now. It sure seems like he have release one big messy load.



This drawing is order by Dirtybook and draw by Pidgopidgey


Yes this crib sure seems to be one super scary place to be in and it sure helps you when it comes to putting your diaper to some good use. You sure have produce one heavy load here.