Mall n’ Stall

Mall n' Stallgibsonscratch bamboozled me in the store. He can laugh now but I will have my revenge soon enough.

Furrys in this drawing belongs to BetaBrothers and gibsonscratch

Draw by catmonkshiro


Yes this sure is one blushing embarrassing situation here. Standing here in the middle of the store whit a well used diaper that have start leaking to. To make things worse you even starting to notes that you start wetting your diaper even more.

This two furry sure is wearing soggy well used diaper and they should leave a trail behind them when they walk away from the diaper section.

Skunk Stance, Potty Pants

Skunk Stance, Potty Pants

The stinky messy skunks belongs to GibsonScratch

Draw by ShingekiSkunk


Aww it seems like this skunk have a upset tummy :( It sure seems like he have ended up whit a pretty stinky heavy diaper here. So heavy and big so his shortalls button cannot handle the pressure from the quickly expending diaper any more so it snap wide open exposing his very messy diaper.

Locker Room Surprise BY Shiro

Locker Room Surprise BY Shiro

After Starbuck finished relieving himself (and destroying his shorts), he went along with Coach Sullivan to get changed in the locker room. As coach finished cleaning the big hatchy and was about to tape the diaper snugly, the dino began to let go in his diaper as well, bulging his shorts out. This caught the dragon in surprise, unaware that Coach used his diapers just like the rest of the team.

Starbuck belongs to gibsonscratch

Coach Sullivan and text by iedino

Draw by Catmonkshiro


Aww and Coach Sullivan sure is right that he wears diapers for a reason like the rest of his team do ;) And it looks like his diaper is well needed to :)

But who is going to handle his diaper change?

Out of Practice

Out of PracticeWell… if there’s anything positive to take away from this whole situation, it’s that pop-snap jeans and Artie are a new match made in heaven~

Now, let’s just hope they don’t pop wide open at the first sign of trouble… unless that’s what Artie wants?

Special thanks to CatmonkShiro and ArtiePamps

Order by GibsonScratch


Yes they sure seems to be in need of a new pair of clean and dry diapers :) Special if they wont to try out this new par of jeans.

Video Game Competition

Video Game CompetitionA commission for GibsonScratch of Kitty form Starbuck facing Turquoise, belonging to me, in videogame wit and whimsey.

Turquoise sucks at video games and sucks at fuckin anything. Including those little Kirby 64 minigames of all things.

Order by GibsonScratch

Furrys in thsi drawing belongs to GibsonScratch and Plinkie_Poi

Draw and text by Plinkie_Poi


Yes it sure seems like this two decided to have some friendly competition playing video game. Good thing them both are wearing some thick and good diapers so they can have all focus on the video game :)

Milk “Magic” *Revenge Alt*

Milk "Magic" *Revenge Alt*

Nah, The laxitives kicked in on Starbuck’s end. Yay, now they match…. again.

Starbuck belongs to GibsonScratch

Turquoise, text and drawing by Plinkie_Poi


Aww poor Starbuck looks like someone was able to get some revenge whit help of some laxativesMilk "Magic" *Revenge Alt*. Now then both is sitting there drinking there bottles whit messy diapers.

Someone sure going to have a stinky job changing there stinky heavy dirty diapers.