Babyfur comic: Big Kid Pants Part 27

Babyfur comic: Big Kid Pants Part 27Lots of squishy messy fun in this one! I’ve been on both sides of the spoon in this scenario in real life :3

Draw and everything by cargoweasel

Check out his Patreon:


Looks like Liam brithday party is tacking a whole new lever now :)

He sure is one supper happy mouse right now and i hope the cake was nice and yummy to eat  :)



And here’s me crinkling – noni_kitten

Someone sure have ended up whit one squishy heavy diaper between here legs. Its kind of amazing that it manage to still keep here dry.

But maybe time to start thinking about changing that soggy heavy diaper.

Being super soggy this morning – YoruPup

Someone sure seems to have ended up whit a very heavy diaper this morning. Only hope that the diaper did dent end up leaking during the night.

Most be kind of nice to be playing whit that squishy thing :)

12 hours of diaper usage – RonaldMcCoon

Yes this diaper sure have been pretty well used and that sure is not strange when this boy have been wearing it for 12 hours. Its kind of amazing that the diaper not have decided to start leaking. But maybe it is time to change that soggy squishy thing between your legs now.

I work a twelve hour shift – Tom_Gungy

Kind of good that this diaper manage to keep this boy dry for a 12 hours work shift. Bet it going to feel kind of nice to change that squishy diaper now.

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Horny diaper boy playing around in his diaper – tweets_kit

Looks like someone decided to have a fun playtime whit his soggy squishy diaper. Maybe someone is a little horny to for wearing that squishy soggy heavy diaper between his legs ;)

Maybe it is time for a change before someone start leaking.

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