Soggy diaper butt playtime – barkyaanarki

Looks like someone receive some nice squishy diaper butt playtime here :) It sure most be kind of nice to be playing whit that diaper :)

Early morning crinkles – ElliePadded

looks like someone decided to have some fun squishy diaper play here whit here wet night diaper :)

Also took a late night shower – ElliePadded

Giggle looks like someone forgot to take the diaper off before shower time ;)

Soggy diaper waddling – yggiToryM

Giggle someone sure seems to have one heavy sagging diaper whit this two boosters that he added in this diaper.

It sure seems to be a fun diaper to be playing whit and squishy :)

It sure seems like it was a good move for him to be adding that two boosters :) I bet it help to keep the bed all nice and dry :)

MAX SQUISH – ElliePadded

I think it is kind of safe to say here that this is one squishy BetterDry diaper that we have here. It is kind of amazing that the diaper dont have start to leak yet.

But i bet it is pretty close to be leaking now.

Silly Alex

Silly Alex

you’re already going, dude, it’s too late. just wait for her to come out to change you c:

i think caretakers do this on purpose, like, a lot.

Draw and everything by MonsterBunny


Awww poor thing it seems like your bladder already have let go and you are wetting your diaper right now. The only thing left for you to do now is to let go off your bowel and start messing that squishy diaper.

Its sure sounds like you are a need of a new diaper any way.