Silly Alex

Silly Alex

you’re already going, dude, it’s too late. just wait for her to come out to change you c:

i think caretakers do this on purpose, like, a lot.

Draw and everything by MonsterBunny


Awww poor thing it seems like your bladder already have let go and you are wetting your diaper right now. The only thing left for you to do now is to let go off your bowel and start messing that squishy diaper.

Its sure sounds like you are a need of a new diaper any way.

Squishy soggy diaper butt play – yggiToryM

Looks like someone is proud of showing off his squishy diaper butt here. This boy sure have one squishy diaper that he should thinking about changing now before it start leaking.

Babyfur Comic: Big Kid Pants page 4

Babyfur Comic: Big Kid Pants page 4 Draw and everything by cargoweasel


Aww poor Axel it seems like he have some trouble to except that sometimes someone wont to help him when it comes to diaper change. And from the diaper check that the mouse did it seems like he is in need of a new clean diaper.

The aftermath – diaperfox25

Wow this boy sure seems to have one squishy diaper butt right now. It sure looks like it is time for a diaper change now.

Bad Investment

Bad Investment

they were JUST about to go to bed too.

Good catch though, the bed would’ve been soaked (again)

poor rosie

maybe gally was just drinking a lot of juice

Draw by MonsterBunny


Poor thing but it sure seems like this was a bad investment this pull ups. Maybe she should have bought a whole packet of regular tape diapers instead. This cub dont seems to be ready for pull ups yet or the pull ups is not ready or can handle this cub flooding them.

Mushy Gumball

Mushy GumballOrder by Tenny

Draw by Ludis-Luteo


It sure seems like Gumball is prude about his soggy messy diaper butt :) And that ABU Cushies sure seems to be pretty well used right now. Look how big and mushy his diaper butt seems to be. Good thing this diaper dont have start leaking yet. A leaking messy diaper is not that fun :(