Babyfur comic: So Much fun 2/7

Babyfur comic: So Much fun 2/7Cubs: ConejoBlanco and lulshi

Draw by ConejoBlanco

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Looks like the bunny and the squirrel diaper looks to be pretty well used now. There diaper front look to be pretty wet by now.

So Much fun (1/7)

So Much fun (1/7)what they have for avoid potty breaks :3

Cubs: lulshi and ConejoBlanco

Draw and story created by ConejoBlanco

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Yes it sure looks like this two girls have some great and fun time at the local arcade. They have so match fun that they dont notes that the diaper that they are wearing starting to get pretty wet and should be changed pretty soon before it starting to leak.

Relaxing in diapers

Relaxing in diapersAnd random diapered Squirrel in her wood house, just laying down enjoying a sunny day :)

Draw and everything by ConejoBlanco

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Yes we sure have a relax and happy diaper squirrel here lying down in a sunny day and enjoy it whiteout something to worry about.

So much energy drinks

So much energy drinksThis is another diaper change later of 3 hours of her last one. :)

maybe avoid energy drinks is an better solution :P

Draw and everything by ConejoBlanco

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Yes it really seems that maybe this Squirrel should cute down on the energy drinks a little. It seems like they make here wetting the diaper allot. It seems to be pretty well used during this 3 hours its have been on.

It happened again

It happened againSometimes cheap diapers don’t work all the time and you leak . The expression on my face is either I didn’t make it to the bathroom on time to be changed, I’m getting a rash here, or I wished they put thicker diapers on me.

Squirrel and text by CoolSquirrel

Art and Coloring was done by Nelson88 and Victor on Ink Bunny

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What a cute face this squirrel it dont look like it is so match fun to be in a leaking diaper and i can agree to that. It is nothing fun about that. When will the grown ups learn that cubs need to be wearing ticked diaper and be check on regular to avoid diaper leak like this one.

Confusing the baby

Confusing the baby
Confusing the baby.

Nicole had some of her friends round for coffee one morning, Gem was playing quietly at her Mamas feet not really paying attention to what the adults were saying for she was far to busy collecting bits of fluff in the carpet. She sucked on her pacifier quietly as she worked, her small eyebrows furrowed with concentration at the task.
“Gem? Gem sweetie?”
Gems ears perked up at her mummys voice and she looked up to see her mummy beaming a smile down on her, Gem immediately reflected the smile. Nicole turned to her two friends the humour in her voice evident as she spoke.
“Watch this, it’s so funny”
The adult red panda picked up her laptop which had been laying nearby, booting up the machine and quickly locating a photo she had taken of gem crying after being told off for something. She gently put the laptop infront of the baby squirrel.
“Look Gem. Look. Whats that?”
Gem looked at her mummys paws and pointed at her paw.
“No sweetie, on the screen, whats on the screen”
Gem realised her mummy was pointing at the picture and gem focused on it, seeing the picture of the little baby crying, she pointed at the picture.
“….baybe” she spoke softly, behind her pacifier. She saw that the baby on the screen was crying and without another thought pulled her pacifier from her mouth and tried to put it in the babys mouth on the screen, , she didnt realise the picture was of her, but she did know that the baby was crying and her pacifier always stopped her crying.
Her mummy and two friends started chuckling. Gem didnt understand what was so funny, but her mama scooped her up suddenly and gave her a really big hug, making gem giggle happily.

Cub and draw by: toddlergirl.

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Aww this is a super cute drawing that toddlergirl have draw and what a cute story that fit good to the picture.