Dawwww… someone is resisting a nap!

The wolf belongs to FlintNightwolf

Draw and text by spiffyart


Awww poor Wolf looks like he is not ready for his nap right now. He sure look cute in this pose showing his cute diaper butt and sucking on his thumb :)

I bet he soon is going to fall into sleep and keep sucking on his thumb and hope he is going to have some sweet dreams.

Caiden Care Bear!

Caiden Care Bear!Caiden as a Care Bear Cousin! His tummy symbol is n American Flag shield with a green diaper. The American Flag Shield because of the love of his country and patriotism, the diaper because of his innocence and unwillingness to grow up (The lack of being potty trained doesn’t help either), and the green color because that’s his favorite color.

Caiden and text by tugscarebear

Draw by Spiffyart


Yes everyone that know Caiden have learn that he love to wear and use his diaper like the toddler he is.

Bedtime Bear badge

Bedtime Bear badgeBear BedtimeBear

Draw by spiffyart


Its looks like this cute little Care bear is ready for his bedtime now. I hope that he have some wonderful and sweet dreams.