Friendly Tackle

Friendly TackleSparks is getting tackled playfully by her character Blackie someplace, somewhere.

Order by gaias-pitch-black-reborn-crow

Draw by pichu90

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Yes this two sure looks to be very close friends. They seems to have a very fun time together.

Happy New Year 2016: Year of the Monkey

Happy New Year 2016: Year of the MonkeySparks and everything else by pichu90

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I hope this new year is going to be good whit allot of new and cute arts.

Decorating Chus

Decorating ChusRicky pichuboy

Sparks and draw by pichu90


Aww this is so cute looks like they are decorating this Christmas tree and it seems to turn out to be a very nice tree to.

Christmas Cookies for Sparks

Christmas Cookies for SparksRicky shares with Sparks some delightful bakes *w*

Naturally, Sparks’ mouth waters at the sight -w-

Ricky pichuboy

Sparks, text and draw by pichu90

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This is a nice thing done by Ricky sharing some of the cookies whit Sparks.

Sparks’ Thanksgiving Surprise

Sparks' Thanksgiving Surprisepichu90 and Tails the Pikachu are surprised on Thanksgiving by pichuboy

So much for turkey.

Draw, Sparks and text by pichu90

Ricky pichuboy

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Yes it seems that Ricky was very hungry this Thanksgiving but it was not so very nice to dont leave any food left to his friends. What should they eat now?

Which chu is chubbier?

Which chu is chubbier?pichuboy and pichu90 comparing belly sizes, even though I’m sure Sparks has Ricky beat ^^

Sparks, text and draw by pichu90

Ricky pichuboy

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Yes i agree on that Sparks belly look match bigger then Rickys belly’s do.