Candy FOR a baby 3

Candy FOR a baby 3somekinkygeek dealing with a loss of motor skills… unable to stand… unable to do much more than crawl… and so desperately needing a change…

truly nothing a helpless baby

The blushing age regression dog belongs to somekinkygeek

Draw by catmonkshiro


Awww looks like the age regression really progressing fast here now. Looks like he have start using that diaper really good now. Look how messy his diaper butt is right now.

Looks like it no turning back for him now the change is going to happen.

Candy FOR a baby 2

Candy FOR a baby 2Something tells me this poor pup might be a tad in over his head…

The poor blushing dog belongs to Somekinkygeek

Draw and above text by catmonkshiro


Yes the above text sure is right the only thing a baby needs to worry about is to putting that thick diaper that they wear to some good use :)

Poor dog looks like he have ended up in one special situation now :( Is he going to be able to make all this stop before it is to late?

I dont think so :( He needs to get use to a new life wearing thick diapers and wetting and messy them.

Candy FOR a baby 1

Candy FOR a baby 1
ooooh a candy bowl full of ring pops… wait are those pacifiers? oh well surely nothing can go wrong here- Oh no…

done for SomeKinkyGeek who has just started hearing voices… and just lost control of his bladder…

Dog SomeKinkyGeek

Draw and text by catmonkshiro


Poor dog it sure seems like he have ended up whit some sort of problems here. It sure seems like it is back to diapers for him now if he has lost control over his bladder. And it sure seems like that is something he have done.